5 Tips to Handle Blogging Failure

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Blogging failure.

The idea can send shivers down a new blogger’s spine.

What if you put in months or even years’ worth of hard work only to see goose eggs in your bank account?

Nothing feels worse than the idea that you are completely wasting your time.

But if you follow a few simple steps you can not only handle blogging failure but turn around and build the foundation for a successful blog.

1: Hug the Failure

Do not resist failure, for what you resist, persists.

Feel the frustration, anger and misery of failing horribly.

My favorite method of facing stiff failure in the past: I’d grab a pillow, find a quiet room, and either punch it or cry into it.

This helped me move on from the failure, so I could follow the next steps.

2: Double Down on Personal Development

Failure feels debilitating if you vibe from a fear-based, lack and limitation filled, space.

Failure conscious bloggers focus on failure, struggle and obstacles because they literally tune into fear-based outcomes.

Success conscious bloggers focus on opportunity, fun and freedom because they literally tune into love-based outcomes.

Spend the first 30 to 60 minute of every day working on personal development. Do not touch your computer. Consider meditating or yoga to raise your vibe.

If you are failing miserably you have some clearing to do. It’s time to face, feel (however unpleasant) and release fear-based energies.

Following a diligent morning ritual persistently helps uncover these fear-based, failure-producing energies so you can feel and dissolve these emotions to make room for fun, loving energies to flow through your being.

When you blog mainly from love, for fun, you literally cannot even perceive failure. Every moment is a chance to help someone and you are grateful for anything or anyone that flows your way.

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3: Get So Busy Helping People that You Forget about Failing

Get so incredibly busy helping people in your blogging niche that you forget about failing.

Unless you are meditating – or are highly aware of your thoughts and feelings – an idle mind tends to allow in negative, fearful, failure-producing thoughts.

Left to your own devices you will probably fear failing, or struggling or running into obstacles.

It’s OK to fear failure for a little bit but then it’s time to get busy helping people in as many ways as possible.

Write a guest post. Write the next post for your blog. Help people on Quora. Email your subscribers. Ask how you can help them.

I routinely ask if any blogger wants me to write a guest post for them. I also ask if anybody wants to interview me. I check to see if my readers or social media buddies are struggling with any blogging concept.

I am so busy helping folks that I have no time or energy to dwell on the concept of failure.

Helping folks raises your energy toward a fun, loving space, well above the lower energies where fear and failure reside.

4: Study Successful Bloggers (for 2 Distinct Reasons)

Successful bloggers offer you a blueprint for building a rocking blog.

Good reason to follow these big dawgs, right?

Here’s an even better reason: the most successful bloggers on earth almost always failed at the beginning of their blogging careers. Some failed miserably well into their blogging careers, before hitting it big.

I recall seeing a panel of top earning bloggers who each made no money through their blogs for months before they saw their first trickle of cash.

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Sometimes you – like me – judge the modern day success of these dynamos and forget these guys struggled just like every blogger.

I’ve seen expanding success with my blogging career but recall crippling myself with this limiting belief: since top bloggers never failed and struggled like I did, this was the reason I failed for years and why they succeeded.

Total BS, of course.

I let go that limiting belief, understood how the most successful bloggers on earth failed like I had struggled for many years and gained inspiration in knowing that if they could succeed after facing tough circumstances, I could too.

5: Reframe Failure

Failure is impossible in a world of abundance.

Think about it; every moment is an opportunity. Seize the moment. Learn from the moment. Cash in on your experience, financially, mentally and spiritually.

Failure doesn’t really exist. All is an opportunity. Stop adding labels.

Your Turn

How do you handle blogging failure?

What tips can you add to this list?


Raising your energy helps you to defeat blogging failure.

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