5 Ways to Improve Content and Drive Traffic to Your Site

NEW YORK, Oct. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Content is often seen as the backbone of any marketing campaign. Additionally, it can be published and shared across a number of platforms, including official websites and various types of social media. One of the functions of content is its ability to direct users to one’s website, improving engagement and generating leads in the process. As supported by Carola Jain, CMO of Spartan, here are 5 ways to improve content and drive traffic to your website

Keep the user in mind. One of the most important factors of content creation is knowing what the audience is looking for. If a user clicks on an article detailing steps on how to complete a project, they will expect each step to be as detailed and easy to follow as possible. This is one example of keeping the user in mind when developing content. Keep the language simple, limit the volume of industry jargon used, and content will improve.

Use different types of content. Another way to improve one’s content, according to Carola Jain, CMO of Spartan, is with variety. Content comes in several forms but each one serves a purpose. Email newsletters, for instance, provide information that arrives in users’ inboxes. Video ads are attention-grabbing due to the animated nature of video itself. News articles compile facts and statistics in easy-to-read formats. Variety is essential in improving content and driving website traffic.

Take advantage of content creation tools. Content can be improved further by the bevy of tools that exist online. For writers, there are ways to improve one’s work, making it more legible to the average reader. Grammarly is a strong example, as it’s designed to pick up on grammatical oversights of all types, not to mention help tighten up one’s writing in general. Whether it’s for written content, video, or other formats, there are tools that make the creation process easier.

Incorporate search engine optimization. With SEO, content will rank better in search engine results, therefore being seen by more people. There are a few ways that SEO can be incorporated into one’s content creation efforts. One such method is keyword implementation, which entails certain terms being placed in content wherever applicable. The right title, which includes relevant keywords, can bolster SEO as well. Keep such methods in mind when developing content.

Measure the effectiveness of different forms of content. As discussed earlier, content is varied, and it should be experimented with. This doesn’t mean that each one will yield desired results, though, which is why they should be evaluated. Perhaps articles will generate more engagement than infographics. Maybe video content performs best by a considerable margin. Regardless, evaluating each will provide companies with a better understanding of content to prioritize, resulting in increased website traffic.

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