6-Step Coronavirus Action Plan for Realtors

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Our home staging company works with very talented and dedicated realtors each day, helping them sell their real estate listings faster and for the best asking price possible.

But things are different now. Some condominiums have restricted access for contractors (except in case of emergency) while others have shut down altogether, refusing home showings and even move-ins. Every day, both industry professionals and the public expect further amendments to existing emergency orders. And everyone says that we have yet to see the worst.

This new “normal” will undoubtedly stay with us for a while, and requires us to adapt and develop new ways of interacting with colleagues and clients to conduct business. 

The following “6-Step Coronavirus Action Plan for Realtors” is a list of suggestions to help you continue to conduct business safely and efficiently in these trying times. It is meant to be an independent guide for those who continue to serve their communities in their real estate advisor capacity—evaluate it and implement it as you see fit. In addition, you’ll find a downloadable PDF version of the plan at the end of this article that you can print out or save on your phone for reference.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the state of Florida where my company operates, real estate services still fall into the “essential” category and are therefore permissible during this period. You should be sure to follow all your state and local emergency orders and abide by the best practices we keep hearing about: keep six feet apart from other people, wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your face, and stop going out of the house unless absolutely necessary. 

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Step 1: Take Extra Steps to Reassure Your Clients

It has never been more essential to stay in the loop with updates from your local realtor association. If you haven’t been sent any recent information, pick up the phone and call them for current status updates. Don’t wait for your clients to reach out to you—make it a habit to be proactive and find answers before questions arise. Over the course of the next few months, there will be constant updates and you must stay on top of them all. This is the time to become a true real estate advisor, the trusted resource your current (and future) clients can rely on. 

There are many ways to share updates with your clients, and you should opt for the communication method they prefer. (Never asked your clients how they wish to communicate with you? Now is the time!) In addition, make it your mission to share this information with those who do not currently work with you: record videos and post them on YouTube, send email updates, and share updates on social media. People need leaders they can turn to in times like these—now is your chance to play this role.

When it comes to working with clients (both sellers and buyers), you must employ utmost diligence when scheduling showings, and you should stock up on the following basics:

  • Face masks and eye protection 
  • Gloves in different sizes
  • Booties for shoes
  • Disinfectant wipes or spray, hand sanitizer

Both your sellers as well as buyers will appreciate your care and attentiveness to protect everyone involved. Set up a “protection station” at the entrance to your listings (more on that later), and keep some extra stock in your car. When working with buyers, make it a standard protocol to call the listing agents of the properties you will be showing ahead of time and ask what measures they have put in place to conduct showings safely. In fact, take it a step further and add a note on your listing, letting other agents know what you’re doing to keep them and their clients safe.

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Step 2: Make Your Listings as Visually Appealing as Possible

Do you remember when younger real estate agents started talking about virtual showings and all sorts of technology-based real estate tools? What seemed far-fetched a short time ago has become something we need to consider adopting quickly. We had better get used to technology being our daily companion in selling real estate. Virtual showings may overtake in-person walk-throughs because the current restrictions in place may make it impossible to visit a property until further notice. 

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