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6 Tips on How to Get Good Pictures for Social Media When Traveling

6 Tips on How to Get Good Pictures for Social Media When Traveling

Whether you’re part of the 88% of US businesses using images to engage their audience or you’re traveling just for fun, taking good pictures is likely high on your travel priority list. 

Before you leave, take a look at these travel photography tips that will earn you shares, likes, and the admiration of everyone you know. 

1. Good Pictures Begin With Good Preparation

If you’re going to take photos for social media, take time to make sure they’re the best you can do. After all, you’ll be putting them out there for all to see.

Nowadays you can take excellent photographs with a cell phone, so there’s no need to invest in a host of expensive — and heavy — equipment. Whether you’re using a phone or a state-of-the-art camera, get to know your tools before you leave.

Practice different angles, compositions, and effects before you leave. Make a note of the techniques you like and situations where you might use them. That way, you’ll have them close at hand when opportunity strikes.

Be sure to have enough storage, extra batteries, and a spare charger handy. Nothing kills your photographic ambitions like running out of space. 

2. Spice Things Up

Let’s face it. Nobody’s going to take a second glance at same-old-same-old photographs of tourist spots and beaches.

Try to capture the essence of your travels with unique perspectives. Shooting scenes from high up and low down helps create individual, intriguing shots.

Include people in your shots as far as possible. They add a sense of depth and help to tell your story. 

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3. Get Started Straight Away

Don’t wait until you arrive to get down to your travel photography either. Airports abound with emotive scenes and opportunities for action shots. The long and winding road is sure to present opportunities too.

If you want the most envy-inducing shots for your social media, it’s time to plan a beautiful Mediterranean cruise.  Cruising offers the double-whammy of making the journey as photo-worthy as your destination. 

Keep your camera or your phone handy and start clicking away as soon as you can. 

4. Choose The Shots You Want to Take

Spontaneity might be the spice of a photographer’s life, but planning pays off too. Before you leave, spend some time on research.

Look for little-known photogenic spots, ask for advice from fellow Instagrammers, and read travel blogs for inspiration.

Upon arrival, you can browse through postcard stands for ideas and enquire at the local tourist office about the best places to take photos.

Make a list of these concepts for each destination so that you don’t get distracted on arrival. 

5. Look for Opportunities

While you’re going through your shot list, keep your eyes open for unique photo-ops.

Graffiti, geometric designs, and colorful food make for great photographs, especially when you experiment with angles and filters.

6. Go Wild

Don’t miss the little things. Birds, flowers, shells, and even insects are part of the show and add life to a travel photo. Thankfully, modern technology adds unlimited capacity to your photographic ambitions.

You can never take too many photographs. Don’t underestimate the power of video and instant uploads either.

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It’s all at your fingertips with the latest phone and camera technology. 

Get More Out of Social Media

Not only are good pictures great for sharing your experiences with friends and followers, but they’re also an excellent marketing tool.

So, if you want to become a social media ninja for business or pleasure, keep reading our blog to fine-tune your skills.

Who knows, you could become the next big thing on social media.

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