7 Awesome SEO Agency Tools For Lead Generation and Project Management

SEO is so diverse and we as developers of SEO tools designed for digital agencies know how it is difficult to run different SEO projects, analyze lots of client’s websites, manage SEO tasks, keep tabs on customer satisfaction and constantly find new SEO leads. It’s hard work that demands second guessing your every move.

Being an SEO agency with dozens of projects, you can’t cope without rock-solid marketing tools. In this article, we’ve analyzed different tools and picked out those that would be a good SEO helper to run daily challenges.

Lead Generation

If the company doesn’t fuel new SEO leads on a regular basis, SEO business will go flop. SEO lead generation helps to find out possible clients’ pain points and offers solutions to any issues. You know there are different ways of generating qualified leads, for example, email marketing, content creation, webinars, e-books, cold calls, etc. The following lead generation tools can make your sales team keep busy.

1. SE Ranking

Lead generator by SE Ranking is a great tool to generate qualified leads for your SEO agency using on-page SEO audit widget that is required to install on the website to convert more visitors into customers. Filling in the form, visitors get a deep and detailed branded report on how well your web page is optimized for a specific keyword. You will get contacts of potential clients that are interested in SEO in exchange for a free on-page SEO audit.

The tool has a very intuitive interface. It is simple to use. Just choose the widget type and customize it: select the color, the text, set the budget limit, add your logo and the place where you want to put it on your website.

Integrate the HTML-code to your website pages before the closing body tag and get notifications about new leads and convert them into your clients.

You can add up to 5 emails to notify people about new leads. You can export to pdf your reports.

To keep track the analytics of the received leads, you can also add Google Analytics tracking code in the analytics system and get detailed results.

2. Found.ly

Found.ly is a great B2B lead prospecting tool that helps you build targeted lists and auto pilot its outreach. Right now the tool gives a BETA version and you can send a request and test out its best features. The tool provides information concerning emails, names, companies and job titles from 60+ websites in a single search.

The personalized follow-ups can be delivered in a systemized way. The tool can be synced with more than 300 CRMs that manages prospects like a breeze. Customers can use the built-in CRM to manage their prospects substantively.

Found.ly establishes a great balance between the human element and automation of sales prospecting. Information can be pulled from LinkedIn, Amazon and other B2B websites.

3. MySiteAuditor

MySiteAuditor is a simple lead generation tool that offers an unlimited number of free SEO reports for potential customers. The SEO audit tool can be integrated into your website. It helps visitors to run an audit for a specific page for a target keyword.

Every time a visitor uses a free audit tool, you get email notifications with their contact information. As soon as you get the contacts, you can call or email them to offer your services. The tool has a free 10-day trial and then you will be charged as much as $1.3 per lead a day.

Project Management

To manage and track the tasks and timeline for each project and keep up-to-date on the activities of your SEO projects, you should use special project management tools.

4. Basecamp

Basecamp is a great online tool to manage SEO projects and encourage communication between SEO companies and their clients. You can create to-do lists, set deadlines, assign tasks to teams and colleagues and track hours spent on each component of a project.
The tool has user-friendly options for communicating with team members. Basecamp allows you monitor the progress of all your projects in a timely fashion.

5. Active Collab

Active Collab is an excellent SEO project management tool that helps you stay organized while managing different SEO projects for multiple clients. The tool provides solutions for task management, project management, client management, team collaboration, time tracking and invoicing. The tool allows integration with other third party add-ons for free, no matter what you want to have.

There are a lot of digital marketing tools for SEO agencies. Personally, I use some of them on a regular basis and they are extremely useful in my SEO daily activities. If you have some experience using these tools and use other tools, please, let us know in the comment section.

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