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7 Social Media Tools a Escape Room Business Should Care About

Owners of the escape room put in a lot of hard work to make their ideas reality. Escape room owners spend a lot of time creating interactive and entertaining spaces for their users. Most of the time, the escape room owners fail to attract new customers and end up working below capacity due to this.

In this article, we will see some of the best social media tools an escape room business should care about

Google My Business

This is one of the vital parts of any online business. If you plan to have your presence online, then Google My Business verification for your business is a must. A well-optimized Google My Business page will make a huge difference for your business, and it lets your audience know about your online presence.

The audience can go through your online page and be well informed about your business.

Online Advertising

This is one of the important things every business should care about. As an escape room owner, you might have done everything to make your presence on Google, you will also need to build brand awareness as well. For this, you need to start tapping your brand advertisements on social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok.

These social media ads act as a game-changer for your Escape room and help you build a pool of a large audience. If your games are innovative enough and based on team building, you can even try promoting your brand through Linkedin Ads.

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Compelling Blog

Writing compelling blog posts on escape rooms will help in educating your users and intrigues new people. Innovative and informative blog posts on escape rooms will keep your business forefront. For this, you can start collaborating with influencers in your niche and ask them to give a shoutout of your brand as well as blog.

This way, you can build strong relations with the influencers in your industry, and also pull out some audience free of cost, for your business.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback from existing customers will fuel up your business. So, try reaching out to your existing customers and ask them to leave a feedback on your social media platforms, so that the new users can get to know more about your escape room business and product.

If you want to be a key escape room business player, then start collecting your customer review as much as possible. Also, engage with your customer problems and start responding to negative comments, if any. This shows your concern and respect towards your customers.

Engaging Footage

Try to release engaging video footage on your social media platforms. Encourage giveaway and shares to attract more new customers to your business. As mentioned above, social media ads are very powerful in drawing your targeted customers.

Note: Before getting into branding and all sorts of activities, you can read about How to open an escape room business?

Your activeness on social media platforms is an indicator of how well you engage with the experience of your customers and shows your efforts to improve the product and services constantly.

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Vouchers and Deals

Try offering gift cards and mini-games to the users. Try to provide the best possible discount to the users without compromising on the profitability of your business. Selling discount vouchers on a third party platform and your website is a perfect way to fill the Fox in a Box Escape Rooms Orange County.

Build Business Relations

Try to build business relations with leisure and local tourism companies. Try to promote your products on their social media pages as well, for more reach and find the untapped audience for your business.

In short, a good marketing strategy is a key factor for any business to run profitably. Try using the tools mentioned above for your escape room business.

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