8 Reasons Why Businesses Keep Investing In Video Production

8 Reasons Why Businesses Keep Investing In Video Production

Videos are powerful, no doubt. May they be explainer videos, landing page clips, or branded videos, the future of video production for businesses is bright.

According to IBISWorld, revenue from video production in Australia is predicted to increase by 11 percent in the recent years, partly due to the growing demand for these content. For one, many Melbourne corporate video production specialists are into offering videos for the benefit of various businesses.

Therefore, many marketers today believe that content created through video production delivers the best returns on investment, which is why several businesses are more than willing to incorporate video into their marketing strategy.

However, it is also true that video production is pricey, takes time, and is seemingly “unrealistic” for businesses’ marketing teams to pull off. Yet, surprisingly, many businesses are more than willing to invest in video production, may these be videos embedded in a blog post, corporate videos, a short video, and so much more. This is the new era of introducing what you do to your audience.


Reasons Why Many Businesses Need Video Marketing From The Right Video Production Company

Corporate video production, video ads, a video marketing campaign, YouTube videos, and more videos shared on social media platforms can help the business a lot. With this being said, online video sharing is a marketing tool and strategy that the business can use, with their digital marketing efforts, to build brand awareness through the entire video, boost conversions, and push the business, whether on the first page of Google or right at the news feeds of your customers on Facebook.

Here are the most powerful reasons why many businesses today invest in video production.

1. Video Enhances Conversions And Sales

If your business is looking at the integral part of doing business, that is, making money, it should turn to videos. For example, a product video with your landing page can improve conversions by 80 per cent.

A video can lead directly to sales. Studies reveal that 74 per cent of users who watch an explainer video about a product are led into purchasing the product.

However, to create an impactful video for the business, it must have a vision.

2. Video Produces Great ROI

On the other hand, if your businesses want to receive the best ROI, they must invest in video production. Incorporating video is not cheap but pays off in the long run. Plus, to create stunning videos, there are many online video editing tools now even more available.

Even smartphones can create original videos. However, it is significant to ensure the videos explain your subject matter really well.

3. Videos Have The Capability To Build Trust

Building trust is important in sales, marketing, and the business as a whole. Did you know that a video does it all? Video content has the power to incite emotions about your brand. If you want to enhance your marketing efforts, your business must use video.

Aside from enhancing the bounce rate to your business from potential buyers and buying customers, promotional videos foster trust. These marketing videos are not only powerful marketing tools, but since these videos are conversation, they can also improve your business’ search engine rankings.

4. Videos Are Well-Loved By Search Engines

Videos posted on your site, such as those clips with background music made perfect in post production with the help of the executive producer and the entire staff, are well-loved by search engines. They determine that your site offers good content.

Businesses that incorporate videos, such as publishing them on YouTube, have more chances to appear on search engines such as Google, on the first page.

However, it is important to ensure these YouTube videos are well-optimized. You may link to your website to provide your potential customers with the details on how they can access the subject you are presenting in the videos.

Aside from those, since Google owns YouTube, the searching will rank your business higher in search results when you appear on YouTube. In other words, creating a video will catapult your business to greater success.

5. Mobile Users Love Watching Videos

Your video and mobile go hand in hand since many mobile users like watching videos from their devices. Views of mobile video have grown over the recent years, with YouTube reporting video consumption rising unprecedently each year. Since many individuals like to watch videos, they are perfect for establishing a personal connection with your video audience through your video content.

But here is a requirement. The growth of mobile video necessitates brands to be more sensitive about the video content they share.

6. Video Marketing Explains It All

When you create a video, whether this is an explainer video or a live video, you are working on video marketing for your businesses. In fact, many companies are into placing the explainer video on their homepage.

Beyond these, you may want to increase your engagement metrics and click through rates through the animated video or short film. To influence purchase decisions well, your pre-production team must ensure your video content stands out.

7. Video Engages The Laziest Buyers, Influencing Purchase Decisions

Despite the extra cost that marketing teams need to invest in so videos can increase conversions and conversion rates, video content remains a great tool for learning.

However, with this, video marketing teams need to consider customers’ preferences while watching your video.

8. Video Is Powerful On Social Media

Video has enough resources to build brand trust and encourage social shares on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram Stories. With these, videos also have the potential to increase traffic to your site.



Right now, businesses are into investing in video content and video production. Especially with more advanced tools today, it is easier to produce videos that provide a great ROI without stashing away your marketing budget. Take part with the many businesses discovering the opportunity with videos. Are you ready to rock with your amazing videos?

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