(8 Ways) To Fix iPhone Not Charging Properly (100% Working Method)

Fix iPhone Not Charging: In today’s world, mobile phones are the most important part of our lives and suddenly if we got to know that your iPhone isn’t getting a charge, your world seems to be turned up and down within seconds. But there is no reason to panic if you find out this problem because nowadays there are many solutions to this.

The most important thing is if your iPhone won’t charge or turn on that doesn’t mean you should replace your iPhone battery, as it won’t help in any way. It’s iPhone software who help the phone to detect that your iPhone is connected to power source and push its software to get a charge. By opening the iPhone and getting change its battery won’t even help in this, just the person who advised you can make some money.

A few days ago my friend called me and he said that “my iPhone won’t charge when I plug it in“. Then that day I thought why not I write a blog post on this problem. So his iPhone 5s not charging when plugged in then I told him the 8 ways to Fix iPhone Not Charging problem and finally he got the main culprit behind this and it was iPhone charging port not working.

Before getting the start I would like you to stay calm. In a stress situation, you won’t be able to fix anything or it might get worse. So, let’s handle it calmly and resolve our phone problem. Also, check how to Improve iPhone battery life.

Fix iPhone Not Charging
Fix iPhone Not Charging

How To Fix iPhone Not Charging Properly

Firstly, you want to see whether your iPhone charging cable is working fine or not. If iPhone says its charging but its not then You can try on any other Apple device to see about this. If the other device is also not getting charged then there is a high possibility your cable is broken from somewhere. You can replace the cable wire or get it taped well and woohoo your iPhone will start getting charged again.

But if the other device is getting charged by the same charger but not your iPhone then there are some ways to know what’s the problem with your iPhone. And its time for you to become an engineer in this. Let’s have a look at those solutions too:

1. Go to Apple Forums:

Just go to the Apple Forums. That will help you know that you are not the alone in this problem and other would tell you their own experiences, by their mistakes you can get it done better. And get motivated to do best on your iPhone.

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2. Check the Charging Port:

iphone wont charge or turn on

Now see whether your iPhone charging port does contain any dust particles due to which it’s not getting connected well with your charging cable and hence not getting charged or synced with your laptop. To fix this problem, use dry toothbrush or toothpick and try to remove the dust particles you see and blow them off. Now, try again with the charger. Dust particles don’t let the phone get charged. Voila! You remove particles and now your iPhone is getting charged. If not keep reading there are other ways also.

3. Reboot the iPhone:

Sometimes we don’t think of easy ways and tried all hard ways but still could not help, so start by restarting your iPhone. Hold power button and home button for 3-4secs. It refreshes your iPhone and gets start fresh which helps you fix the problem of charging. Now try again with the charger. It might help you now.

4. Change the Wall Charger or USB Port:

iphone says its charging but its not

There are times when you charge your iPhone with a laptop and sometimes USB port shows the device is not recognized. There is the reason for that every so often the USB device doesn’t get connected well because of the dust particles in the environment which gets in the laptop as well. So, try the other port. And there might be the time when the wall charger doesn’t work it’s because of lightning issues or it gets affected by high voltage, so try to change that too.

5. Dry your iPhone Completely:

If you drop your iPhone in a wet area such as pool, bucket, etc. and you turn it on but iPhone doesn’t get charged then just try to let it dry completely. You can try to put it in a bowl with silica gel for approx. 24 hours or but on any heating substance but not directly. You can put it on such as a stabilizer or outside under the sun. if still not getting charged then just go to apple customer care.

NOTE: Don’t panic if none of the above solutions doesn’t work. Just remember you are not alone. We are here to help you.

6. Update to latest iOS Version:

Try to update your iPhone software as there are times due to software degradation your iPhone doesn’t get charged. So, by updating the software, your iPhone software helps to get recognized that its connected to a power source which starts the charging on your iPhone. It mostly happens with people who have old models of iPhone and they didn’t update it with the new software. (It helped me personally. I updated my iphone5 and it starts getting charged again.)

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7. Try restoring your iPhone in DFU mode

It’s the safest mode of getting phone restored (in normal restore function, you erase all the data on your iPhone and restore it to factory setting), in this it will store your data on laptop and after performing erase function it helps you in restoring your data totally on your iPhone and fix every issue.

8. Contact to Apple Customer Care:

But still your iPhone doesn’t get charged, then you should consult with Apple Customer Care, at last, they are the only one who can let you know what is wrong with your iPhone. It might cost you more if you don’t have the iPhone in warranty but if the iPhone is in warranty they can also replace your iPhone with the new one if there is a major issue with your iPhone. So, it’s luck.

I hope your iPhone start getting charged with any of the above solutions and you get back on your daily life. iPhone problems can make you feel like you are in hell, you might think that “I should have taken android, it’s easy to resolve problems on those” but iPhone is ‘THE IPHONE’. There might be some issues but they can get fixed and let you live your life happily (which Android doesn’t)

If you face any problem then just comment below, I would love to hear your experiences and give some suggestions.

Watch this video tutorial to fix iPhone not charging problem:

Wrapping Up

I hope you made use of our Fix iPhone Not Charging 2018, didn’t you?

In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

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