A Complete Guide to Understanding Different Kinds of Engagement Models [Infographic]

Choosing a right engagement model is a very critical decision for the whole mobile app development process as it directly impacts its execution. Choosing an engagement model is like setting up the foundation on which the whole project stands.

The type of engagement model that you choose will affect almost everything in your project including its overall quality. So, it becomes imperative for you to give ample amount of time in choosing the best-suited engagement model for your project.

We understood how important engagement model is. Now let’s see what exactly is an engagement model.

To understand about different engagement models, it’s important to know what it means. In simple words, an engagement model is a plan which determines the basis of collaboration between the software development company and the client.

The focus of an engagement model is on the wants, needs, and interest of the client. It also ensures flexibility, responsibility, and the level of control.

There are several types of engagement models as there is no specific way of collaboration. To choose an appropriate engagement model you must see that it aligns with your mission, goals, and vision. Moreover, you must ensure that it bears positive outcomes.

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There could be different reasons to select an engagement model. One could be objective like company’s record, reputation, experience, and cost of app development.

Similarly, the other reason could be subjective like the client’s last experience with a company.

We saw what engagement models are, why they are needed, and the factors that determine its selection. Now let’s have a look at the types of engagement models.

So, engagement models are of three kinds:

  • Fixed price
  • Time & material
  • Dedicated team

To understand about all the engagement models in detail let’s have a look at the below infographic that will show all nitty-gritty of engagement model.

Engagement models

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