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Handling customers’ issues can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially in a busy call center. That weighs down employees, resulting in unsatisfactory calls for your customers. Lucky for you, there is a way to make work easier for call center agents, which in turn improves the customers’ experience.

Call center software is a technology that has taken the industry by storm, improving one customer call after the other. Besides making the work pretty easy for agents, the software also improves customer call satisfaction ratings. If you are yet to get the software for your call center, below are some helpful features that might change your mind.

Useful Features of a Call Center Experience Software

1.   A Smart Checklist

Phone conversations with strangers are not the easiest. Sometimes the flow will be there, and other times you will forget the things you wanted to say or ask. Agents handling hundreds of calls daily need a conversation guide with checklists to show them when they go off track or forget an important point. That will significantly improve the call center experience for both the customer and the agent.

2.   Notifications With Instant Feedback and Suggestions

Choice of words is critical in conversations, especially when creating a good impression or forcing a great outcome. Call center software relies on decades of habit-formation psychology to develop better ways of saying things. It will send the agent instant notifications with feedback on something they said and a suggestion on what to say next time. Eventually, the agents will form good habits and use phrases that improve the call center experience for customers.

3.   Sticky Notes With Product Updates

What happens when a product goes out of stock in the middle of a call or a new product? The call center experience software will help you relay important information to agents in real-time without interrupting the call. That ensures there is no miscommunication among employees, and the customers do not deal with any disappointments. It is also suitable for agents because they can make calls without worrying about giving customers the wrong information.

4.   Automatic Reporting on All Calls

A call center software will analyze data on every call and automatically generate a report based on the set guidelines. As a manager, you can quickly identify agents that are doing a good job and those that need a little push to do better.

5.   Leaderboard for Better Performance

One way to promote better performance is to rank employees. The call center experience software has a customizable leaderboard that ranks agents based on set parameters. The software does that in real-time, making it easy to improve performance mid-shift.


Many other features and benefits are associated with a call center experience software, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. The best thing about the software is that it is customizable, meaning it can fit into any call center and bring in the intended value. Your office might need one if your goal is to improve customer experience and revenue.

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