Adobe moves its Experience Manager service to the cloud

Managing a huge volume of content across enterprise teams is a heavy burden that poses a significant challenge for today’s marketing teams. In an effort to increase efficiencies for these marketers, Adobe has announced that Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) will be available as a cloud-native SaaS application.

AEM services were previously only available as part of an on-premise setup or as a managed service. Now that it is part of Adobe Experience Cloud, AEM users should quickly be able to onboard the app and use it to produce dynamic and personalized content.

Why we care

Early results from mid-market to large enterprise companies using the application indicated processing speeds increased by about 50%, and administrative efficiencies increased by 40%. Companies also saw less scheduled downtime as planned updates should no longer take AEM offline. The decreased downtime increased user productivity by 40% according to Adobe.

“Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service supercharges organizations’ abilities to create, manage and deliver more campaigns, digital assets and experiences faster than ever before,” said Loni Stark, senior director of strategy and product marketing at Adobe. “It creates a compelling offer for mid-size companies and enterprises that are increasingly transforming to adopt advanced digital tools but need more simplicity and flexibility to support their changing business models.”

More on the news

  • Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud provides content management (CMS), digital asset management (DAM), digital signage management and customer communication platforms.
  • “Instead of dealing with large-scale deployments of software updates to our site, Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service is constantly updating,” said Steve Schultz, head of marketing technology at Esri. “We think this process of continuous integration offers huge benefits as the risk of errors occurring during deployments is far reduced.”

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