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Social media has taken over the word of advertising and has become one of the most preferred way brands try to reach to their consumers. It has changed the overall marketing experience in the last 10 years. The use of social media for marketing has encouraged the shift from B2B to B2C marketing.

Let us understand how incorporating social media into your marketing strategywill be beneficial for your brand.

Pros of Social Media for Marketing:

1. It is Cheap:

Social media platforms are free to subscribe and there are no charges involved when it comes to running free campaigns. There is the option of paid campaigns too but with the right strategy in place, you can achieve great benefits with economical investment.

2. Huge Number of Potential Audience:

You must be aware of the fact that social media consists of billions of active users and with the potential of reaching such a huge number of people; there are chances that your content goes viral.

3. Extensive Analytics:

Social media is great for advertising as it does your job for you which is to analyze how your post has progressed and what has been its reach. It gives you knowledge of important information like when your target audience is online so that you can use this information to time your posts effectively and maximize engagement. Similarly, thereare many such analytical data provided for you to learn from your past campaigns.

4. Ease to Address your Customers:

Not just marketing but social media gives you a free channel for your customers to reach you directly. You can take consumer feedback or grievances directly through these channels and address them openly to increase your brand value.

5. It starts a conversation:

Social media is such a powerful tool that just a small initiation in the right direction can start a positive conversation amongst the consumers. Useful tools such as sharing and using hashtags have become so popular that it takes several minutes for relevant content to become viral.

When things move so rapidly the chances of a downside increases. This news is still viral on social media and you will find dedicated accounts being made just to discuss this matter. This shows us the downside of the rapid news spread which is that any wrong strategy can end in a negative conversation resulting in huge losses and most importantly tarnish the individual or brand value.

6. Increases your Organic Reach and Ranking:

Being active on social media is beneficial to increase your ranking on the search engines if you swear to create quality content. It helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well.

Every minute,thousands of books, art, blog posts, web contents, etc are being created which is just a waste if it does not reach to the right audience. Social media is an excellent way of getting the word out there to create interest amongst the audience about your work thereby promoting your fabulous creation.

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