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Affiliate Marketing – 5 Great Reasons to Use Squidoo

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An affiliate marketer has to have certain things. I consider it very important to have a web page where you can put your offers and content.

Then you can just get down to driving traffic to your site, making sales, and earning money.

Still, the beginning affiliate marketer and sometimes even some intermediates, would like it to be low priced and more straightforward than the typical setup.

Take as an example the mass of web pages called Squidoo.

It's really just another website except for it's size and variety of content. It's VERY well known at Google.

By the end of 2009 there were nearly a million individual pages on this huge website and those pages are called "lenses" by the "Squids."

Here are 5 good reasons to use Squidoo as an affiliate marketer.

The first and best reason is your cost for the hosting space. It's zero.

The second reason is the cost of registering a domain name. It's zero too!

Squidoo looks good because it's practically effortless, and it's very low cost, especially when compared to the typical cost of hosting and domain at about $ 100 to $ 130 per year.

That does not sound like much, and it is not if your site is making money or if you just have plenty of it. But for affiliates who are just starting and a lot of intermediates too, it's just perfect.

The third reason, and one of big importance to affiliates, is that it is reliably easy to get indexed by Google for your lens. Really it's a web page. But Google seems to like them.

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If you pick your domain name with a keyword relevant to your sites content, that you can easily rank for, and you put it at the beginning of your domain name, you will be on your way to good rankings.

Doing a good job optimizing your page (lens) for your relevant keyword, is the best way to get your site to come up on the search results page in Google. Google page one for almost ANY keyword will result in some kind of traffic.

The fourth reason to use Squidoo is that there is on site help. There is lots of assistance.

This would have really helped me when I was getting started because it looked like, for me, everything new was not just new … it seemed weird … alien even. I did not "get it."

Squdoo helps you in a dozen ways and you can see for yourself by just going there and looking around.

In addition, there is a forum where you can go and ask questions and get answers. And maybe later you will even answer some questions.

The fifth reason to use these pages (lenses) is because they work!

By work I mean that you can make them look like a great web page. You can also set them up to get a good bit of traffic. And you can engage in direct sales right there.

If you'd like a landing page, this is it!

And that's not all. You will learn a lot!

Many of the stumbling blocks a typical newcomer or even intermediate affiliate marketer will run into are completely eliminated by this alternative. The first reason that comes to mind is the FREE domain name and hosting.

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Go there, join up and start your first lens. Start fooling around with it. Learn how to do a few of the things you need to get a halfway decent site up. There's going to be plenty of assistance if you get stuck.

In a couple to three weeks you could have an affiliate site up, indexed, and getting traffic, and making sales.

Watch out because if you do this, the next thing that will happen is that you will get a sale. A sale that did not cost you anything but your time and effort.

Only now you'll know how to repeat it and increase your income.

Source by Riley West

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