Akamai Acquires KryptCo, Makers of Authentication Technology

Akamai Technologies, one of the world’s premier content delivery networks (CDN), just announced its acquisition of KryptCo.

KryptCo is the creator of a mobile, multi-factor authentication mechanism that, unlike many competing solutions, doesn’t require a pin number for authorization. As a result, KryptCo’s technology is resistant to phishing attempts.

Akamai has a long-standing reputation as one of the leading CDN companies, with their services in use by some of the biggest companies around the globe. Their network represents one of the largest distributed computing platforms and serves as much as 30 percent of all internet traffic. Integrating KryptCo’s technology will assist Akamai in delivering Zero Trust security to their customers.

Zero Trust Security and Why It Matters

In traditional computer security, the emphasis is on protecting the perimeter—keeping bad actors out. In many cases, if a hacker is able to breach the perimeter, there is little to nothing else standing in their way.

Zero Trust security operates on the principle “never trust, always verify.” A Zero Trust model implements security in all aspects of an organization’s network, constantly looking for malicious activities, as well as areas for improvement.

KryptCo’s technology represents a significant security upgrade for Akamai’s customers, and opens the door for improved single sign-on cloud options.

Moving Forward

While the financial aspects of the deal are under wraps as of writing, KryptCo CEO Alex Grinman has joined Akamai and will assist with the merger, specifically with Akamai’s Zero Trust rollout.

Customers and investors are likely to benefit from the merger, as it helps Akamai continue to adapt to the changing needs of the market.

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