AKG N200NC Wireless Earphones Review

About a month ago we check out the very impressive AKG N200A wireless earphones. AKG have now taken this one step further, with the N200NC earphones, with quite a drastic change in appearance but they now offer noise cancellation. The N200NC have a neckband, now i’ve tried wearing a neckband before, I wasn’t overly keen and seeing the promotional images of a guy tucking it under his shirt collar, I’m not convinced BUT I’ll going into this review with an open mind.

  • Earphone with supporting neckband
  • Active noise cancellation
  • 12hr playback with Bluetooth & ANC, 16hr with just ANC
  • TalkThru & Ambient mode
  • Comes with a 2 pin aeroplane adapter 😀


Like the other AKG products I’ve tried recently, their packaging and presentation is fantastic. The earphones sit within a foam surround, protected from any damage that may occur during transit and the package also includes a canvas carry case, different sized earbuds, cleaning tool, aux & USB cables and that 2 pin aeroplane adapter. The unboxing feels premium and gave be some excitement about what was to come.


These earphones come with a rubber neckband, which houses the battery to power the Bluetooth connection and active noise cancellation. It’s just under an inch thick and covered in black rubber to help keep it secure against your skin or clothes. Under a rubber flap and within the neckband, is the USB type C port for charging. Charge time was about an hour. From the neckband, two thin wires come out and into the ear buds themselves. The earbuds come in a number of sizes and also include a very small ‘hook’, which sits inside and pushes against your ear to keep them secure.

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Within the neckband, there are a number of buttons used to control your content. On the right-hand side is the on/off/bluetooth button and the smart ambient button. On the left-hand side are your play/pause/assistant button and volume up/down/change track. The microphone for voice assistant and calls is located on the left earbud cable and the aux port for a wired connection is on the end of the left section of the neckband (note you need to use the aux cable provided, it’s a mini jack).


The audio produced from the N200NC is very good indeed. It’s well balanced, vibrant and offers a nice punch in the low end, especially when listening to IGOR by Tyler, The Creator. The ANC works well, it’s easily noticeable and allows you to get away from it all. The smart ambient function also works well, it turns the ANC off and reduces the volume, allowing you to quickly hear your surroundings, although, by the time you’ve touched the button, you could already have one earbud out and listening.


There is some weight to the neckband but it’s not overly noticeable and defiantly wouldn’t burden you. However, it is an odd feeling if you’ve not experienced it before. The neckband was easy to put round my neck and it sat well on my shoulders. By having the neckband, it reduces the potential restriction from the earphone cabling, as the neckband hardly moves, thus the earphones and associated cabling don’t get tugged or pulled by mistake. This is most important when moving around, commuting or exercising. I did try a rowing work out with these and the performance was great but it did get a little uncomfortable near the end due to me sweating.

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Two small gripes with the N200NC, the rubber flap covering the USB port is the easiest to fix in place and the power button is a little inaccurate, sometimes when turning them on, the button would stick in the Bluetooth setting when it should be in ‘on’ position and then Id end up turning them off trying to rectify.


I really enjoyed my time with the AKG N200NC earphones and my worries over the neckband were short-lived and in the end, didn’t bother me at all. With a retail price of £219, they’re £100 more than the N200 and although they did sound better, I’m not totally convinced the increase in price VS performance is justified, unless the ANC is a must have for you. Either way, I don’t think you’d be disappointed with either.

For more info and to purchase, head over to the official Samsung AKG N200NC webpage.


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