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If you’ve ever gone on the hunt for a complete, literally complete in all senses of SEO and Digital Marketing tool, the hunt ends here and now.

We recently got our hands on Mondovo, and it did redefine what a complete Digital Marketing tool meant for us.

Now we’re in no way claiming it to be “the best” SEO tool, nope! Every tool has its own pros and cons, the same applies for Mondovo as well. So you aren’t being asked to go out there and empty your pockets over it.

Instead, let me borrow your attention for the next couple minutes, and take you on a front-row seat of this tool throughout this Mondovo review.

And once you’ve got an idea of what Mondovo is, and what it does, and if you feel it’s what you need and it’s worth it, then you may or may not decide to go with it, completely your choice.

Mondovo’s tagline says “Digital Marketing Toolset, SEO, Social Media and Analytic Tools”.

We believe that summarizes it all, doesn’t it?

It’s not just a “SEO” Tool, even though SEO accounts for a major part of its superpowers, it’s also armed to the teeth to cater to most of your Digital Marketing needs in addition to providing rich support for Analytics and reports.

It showcases roughly 15+ tools which we will be dissecting to the core throughout this Mondovo review.

Here’s a sneak-peak into what’s available:


Now the one feature which makes it stand apart from the crowd and presents it with its unique identity is it’s “Individualistic, pay only for what you use” feature!

Meaning, for any feature that you use, you can limit the exact amount of results you want, and so your report cost goes down as well.

For e.g. if I’m trying to get a backlink analysis of my site, I’ll be allowed to choose the number of links I wish to be crawled, and the number of anchors I wish to analyze, and that’ll define how much I pay for the report!

Mondovo Review- User Interface

Just because it’s advanced, doesn’t mean it has to be complicated! It professes a simple, easy to use, newbie friendly user-interface.


The first dashboard that greets us has a simple top-bar, which functions as a “navigations bar” for us, to reach various different tools.

And the rest of the centre-screen functions as quick links, as for the right half of the centre-screen, it acts as a “reports section” for you to come back to your prepared reports, download or analyze them at a later time.

Rank Tracker

The very first tool accessible from the top bar is “Rank tracker”, so that’s what we should start with.

Simply click on the top bar, and select “Rank Tracker”, and enter the details specific to your requirements.


As you can see, it’s pretty easy to understand and only some basic information is asked in order to be able to track your rankings.

In a nutshell, you have to enter:

  • The primary URL you’re tracking.
  • Competitor URLs (optional)
  • Crawl-cycle.
  • Country – Search Engine.

Anyway once that’s done, simply click on “Create profile”. It’ll take some time, and then you’ll be presented with an extremely detailed report regarding your rankings for the provided keyword.

It’s enriched with data and charts and statistics and what not.


So rank tracking problems? Well, that’s solved! Infact the report is broken down into:

  • Summary
  • Keyword Rankings
  • Page-wise rankings.
  • Competitor Landscape.

Honestly, that’s more information that I actually intended to gather. So for now, I’m elated. Let’s see if the other tools can keep up the performance?

On-Demand Rank Check

It’s the same thing as “rank tracker”, but instead of billing you on a cycle, and tracking your keywords every day/month/week, it simply shows you your rankings when you “demand” for it.

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This way, you can minimise your budget in case you do not want automated rank-tracking.

You can access it from the Research > On-demand rank tracker section.


Backlink Analysis

How many bucks do you drop off on tools on a monthly basis simply for a “backlink” report? For this individual feature?

I know the pain of paying a small fortune (because that’s what it adds up to in the long run) for just one report!

Backlink Analysis is another feather in the cap of Mondovo that’s included along with all the accounts.

Simply click on Research > Backlink analysis. On the analysis page, enter your URL, the number of links you wish to be crawled, and the number of anchors you need.

You can also specify a number of “advanced settings”, which let you choose Target type, URL type, no. of links/domain etc as you can see from the screenshot.


The backlink report looks similar to the following screenshot, again, loaded with more data than I’d ever need.

It shows me referring domains, Ref IPs, the exact number of backlinks, link strength score, backlinks from .gov / .edu sites.

And if that wasn’t enough, it broke down the results into different categories, such as From page, target Page, categories, anchor text etc.


So bottom-line, I don’t think there’s a piece of data that should’ve been included in the backlinks report, but Mondovo missed.

Keyword Gap Analysis

So there’s a keyword your competitors are ranking for, but you aren’t? It would be great if you could simply fish those magic keywords out, huh? Well, it’s possible!

That’s what this feature helps you achieve. You can access it by going to “Research > Keyword Gap”.

Simply enter the URLs of your competitors, and done! That’s all the data that Mondovo needs to get you what you’ve missed!


It even lets you specify any domains you wish to include (just in case).

Competitors’ Keywords

Even though it seems as the same feature as Keyword Gap, it’s not.

Keyword gap brings out the Keyword “differences”. The ones you missed. Well in this feature, the “you” factor doesn’t exist.

It simply shows you the keywords your competitors are ranking for, pure and simple.

For e.g. I simply typed in and here’s a rather overloaded report I got for this site.


The report includes his organic keywords, organic traffic, even an estimated budget you’d need to beat the site.

Then there’s a detailed tabled, showing the keywords, their positions, monthly volume, and the % of the traffic it drives to the site.

So well, mission accomplished once again!

Site Audit

Individual companies and SEO experts charge a lot for site audit? Well, that’s going to change.

The Site-audit feature brings to us a detailed audit of your sites. Simply enter your URL, the number of pages you want to be crawled, and if you need any of the additional add-ons provided.


This feature does take up a bit of time to be honest, but ones it’s complete, here’s the kind of report you can expect (again, didn’t disappoint, huh?)


On Page Analyzer

Need to check how well (or ill) optimized a specific page is for a specific keyword? Well, the On page Analyzer rushes to your rescue.

Enter the URL, the keyword you’re targeting, and generate the report!


It’ll get you a complete, detailed report regarding your content optimization, image optimization and every other factor that goes into the ranking of a page. Here’s a glimpse:


Bulk Search Volume

Another one of the features worth singling out here is its Bulk search volume. It’s basically a keyword research tool, which gets you the CPC, Search Volume and other data related to the keywords you’ve entered.

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This comes in handy when you have to check keyword details for more than one keyword, instantly, in a single go. Does save quite a bit of time if you ask me.

Access it from Research > Bulk Search volume, and enter the keywords you need to data for.


Here’s how a report looks like, and did I mention it also helps you find “related keywords” for you to target in case you need them?


Bulk Metrics

The features don’t seem to end, I literally am tired at this point, but hey can’t complain cause they loaded up Mondovo to the brim with features, that just won’t be right huh?

The next tool we take up for this Mondovo review is Bulk metrics. I’m sure you’ve guessed what it does by now.

Yeah, it basically gets us a bulk of data for a bulk of domains, the data includes:

  • Server details.
  • Alexa rank
  • SEMRush metrics.
  • Social Metrics.
  • Moz Metrics.
  • Whois Information etc.


Now a lot of people have different subscriptions to a number of different platforms and products to get all this data individually.

Well, with Mondovo we’re getting all of that under one roof, with one click, and probably even at a cheaper cost!

It allows as many as 1000 domains in a single go! Well if that’s not a time-saver I don’t know what is!

Anyway here’s the kind of report that’s generated, and I must say I’m impressed!


Facebook Analytics

Just SEO? Well nope, a complete Digital Marketing solution! They do live up to their tagline.

The Facebook Analytics option gets you a detailed insight into your Facebook pages, and their performance!

Here’s how the insight page looks like:


As you can see, the insights report is broken down into:

  • Overview
  • Fans growth.
  • Fans Demographic.
  • Page statistics.
  • Content Performance.

And again, lots (and I mean lots) of data at our disposal.


Facebook Competition

Just Analytics? Well nope that’s not where Mondovo takes a knee either! It goes out to get us an insight into our competitors’ social media secrets as well!

Simply enter your competitors’ Facebook pages URLs, choose how many days worth of data you need, and you’re all set.


I entered two pages in the URL box, and here’s the data I got:


And damn! I hate to say this again, but don’t you think it’s again an overload of data? It includes:

  • Comparative
  • Admin posts
  • Posts /day.
  • Average and Total Engagements.
  • Posts Engagement etc.

And the data representation is a 5/5 out as well, simple yet detailed, completely understandable with charts and graphs, not just boring number-crunching!


White Labelling

If you’re own an SEO agency or a firm, well, in that case, Mondovo also allows you to “white label” your reports.

Meaning, feed your clients the reports they ask for, without ever disclosing your secret genie. The report will contain your branding, logo and everything else, and will totally be void of any “Mondovo” trademarks.

Pricing Plans:

They have 3 different plans, pricing plans differ based on features and number of users.


The plans are:

  • Individual- $20/month.
  • In-House Teams: $40/month.
  • Digital Agencies: $80/month.

Final Verdict:

So hey, Honestly this is just around 80% of Mondovo’s total superpowers, but it’s a “review” and not a tutorial so I’m sure you’ve got an idea of what the platform is capable of.

If now you think it deserves your time (and money), go and try them out. With their free trial plan in place, there’s nothing you’re going to lose, right?

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