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Users can publish their video projects on the Animiz cloud platform and further customize them online for search engine optimization on Google searches. This helps them promote their brands online.

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Guangzhou, China — (ReleaseWire) — 02/18/2019 — Animiz is the go-to company for animation video creation and publishing. It is the place for entrepreneurs, educators, and individuals who need to promote their products or educate their audiences through videos. The user-friendly software features phenomenal animation effects, a beautiful interface, a drag and drop system and much more to help users create an animation video. For clients looking to create explainer videos, promotion videos, demo presentations, product descriptions, explainer videos, and e-learning videos, Animiz has the software that will have their objectives fulfilled.

“Our software is ideal for every individual or business,” said Jason Chan, manager of Animiz. “Once downloaded, users have all the tools at their disposal. They can design their videos and customize their presentations to suit their unique requirements. We provide pre-designed templates and more facets that can be used to create professional, entertaining and informative animation videos.”

Animiz is very generous and considerate when it comes to their software products. Their clients have free access to components such as images, sounds, symbols, charts, flashes and more. To design an animation video at Animiz is a simple and straightforward procedure. What’s more, users have tutorials that guide them throughout the process. They can use the timeline to add elements like backgrounds, animations, cameras, voice-overs, and captions to make their animation videos more enchanting and interactive. After all is done, users can upload their projects to the Animiz cloud storage for sharing with their target viewers.

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“At Animiz, we offer software that helps users design elegant video projects very quickly,” continued Mr. Chan. “Our editor tools are very resourceful and enable users to decorate and tailor their video presentations using multiple media and content such as roles, record tools, shapes, actors, SVG and SWF materials, formulas and charts, among many others. Users can save their projects in various formats for ease of sharing with viewers.”

Once users publish their videos on the cloud platform of Animiz, they can continue to customize their videos online. They can edit, adjust and even enable downloading of the videos. By allowing such settings, they will be optimizing their work on the search engines, which is good for online brand promotion. Animiz also provides the convenience of sharing work on social media platforms through links and QR codes. Users can tell their stories or pass information to viewers worldwide by sharing their captivating animation videos.

About Animiz
Animiz offers users a way of expressing their ideas and making them known to the whole world through video presentations. Their software helps users create astounding animation videos full of rich content, interactional images and sounds, and other animations. For more information, please visit

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