ANNOUNCEMENT! The Top 50 Most Influential PPC Experts

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we like to change things up and try out new approaches at Hanapin/PPC Hero/Hero Conf. We’re always looking for ways to make things a little better, more unique, more fun.:) So for the first time in the history of the Top 25 list, we decided to announce a Top 50. The Top 50 is based on votes only…meaning only those with the most votes got in the Top 50 to be scored for the final Top 25 list.

Normally, after voting, you have to wait weeks (sometimes months) before you hear anything about Top 25. We thought it would be more fun if you got to see the list BEFORE the list. Note! The Top 50 is listed in alphabetical order. Where a name resides on this list has nothing to do with the number of votes a person received.


Aaron Levy

AJ Wilcox

Akvile DeFazio

Amy Bishop

Anders Hjorth

Andrea Cruz

Andreas Reiffen

Andy Taylor

Arianne Donoghue

Barrie Smith

Brad Geddes

Bryant Garvin

Christi Olson

Ciera St.Pierre

Daniel Gilbert

David Herrmann

David Szetela

Ed Leake

Elizabeth Marsten

Fred Vallaeys

Gianluca Binelli

Ginny Marvin

James Svoboda

Jason Miller

JD Prater

Jeff Sauer

Jocelyn Le Conte

Joe Martinez

Joel Bondorowsky

John Belcher

John Ellis

Jon Kagan

Julie Friedman Bacchini

Justin Brooke

Kevin Milani

Kirk Williams

Larry Kim

Liam Wade

Mark Irvine

Martin Reed

Marty Weintraub

Melissa Mackey

Michelle Morgan

Navah Fuchs

Robert Brady

Sam Ruchlewicz

Samantha Noble

Steven Johns

Susan Wenograd

Wijnand Meijer


The final Top 25 list will be announced in a few weeks. Experts will be scored based on things like their engagement on social, speaking gigs, podcasts and webinars they’ve been on, and articles they’ve written. As I said earlier, we like to change things up, so the scoring has also changed some to better reflect what digital marketers are doing today to influence the world of PPC.

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Congratulations to everyone that made the Top 50! Below you’ll find some graphics you can use on social and on your website to promote that you made the list.

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