Apple developing super-expensive new iPads and MacBooks, analyst claims

The future of iPads and MacBook screens looks very bright indeed (Image: Getty)

Once upon a time, the world became very excited about new products like Apple iPads.

But in an age of interminable incremental upgrades, it’s easy to become a little cynical about the endless parade of generic gadgets.

Now a top Apple analyst has said the tech firm has big plans which should excite jaded tech pickers – as long as they’ve got loads of spare cash.

Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that high-end iPads and MacBook laptops released in 2020 and 2021 will feature mini-LED displays, which are brighter and more beautiful than many screens which have gone before.

To get a sense of what this means – and how much it will cost – we’d point you towards the upcoming Apple Pro Display XDR.

The new iPad 7th generation has a 10.2-inch Retina Display (Image: Apple)

This is a flash monitor due to cost $4,999, which will probably work out to roughly the same amount in pounds. And in case that’s not pricey enough for you, there will be a $999 stand for the display.

Apple’s latest screen technology could match or even outstrip this.

Mini-LED is expected to allow products to be thinner and lighter, whilst offering an excellent colour range and superb picture quality, MacRumors reported. 

It does this with tiny LEDs to display colours. Each LED 200 microns in size – smaller than the components used in the Pro Display XDR.

An iPad featuring this new screen will come at the end of 2020, with an iMac to follow in early 2021, Kuo claimed.

Apple also wants to become less reliant on Samsung, which supplies the OLED screens used in many of its products.

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There are many firms which can give Apple Mini-LED screens, including LG Display, so Apple may be able to distance itself from arch-rival Samsung.

Of course, we don’t know Apple’s plans for sure and the Mini-LED claims are only a prediction at this point.

If you believe the rumours, now is probably a good time to start saving – or ask your bank for a bigger overdraft.

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