Arcadia Power Helps You Save Money While Supporting Green Energy

The climate crisis is spiraling out of control, and we may be running out of time to reverse the trend. Innovations like electric cars may help the reduction of carbon emissions, but they aren’t going to solve the problem outright. You can do your part by buying electric, recycling, and taking shorter showers. But you may not have thought about changing the way you get your energy completely.

We’d all like to think that local utilities are doing all they can to use renewable sources rather than fossil fuels but the truth is that they may not be. However, Arcadia Power is a service that leverages local utilities to help your home leverage the most efficient and eco-friendly energy sources available in your area. Here’s how it works:

1. Arcadia Power identifies solar and wind projects near you and buys energy certificates in your name.

2. Through their 300,000-member strong network, they negotiate lower energy rates to match your monthly usage with clean energy.

3. Your monthly energy bill drops, and you get reports on how much clean energy has been purchased on your behalf.

It’s a simple system that allows you to save money on energy while supporting green initiatives in your area. As time goes on, Arcadia Power continues to search for cost-saving programs and energy-efficient fixes in your area and updates you on the progress.

Not everyone is ready to buy solar panels and overhaul their home to be completely carbon-neutral. However, Arcadia Power offers an eco-friendly, budget-friendly solution to supporting clean energy without making any overwhelming changes. In fact, they’re so sure you’ll love the service that they’re offering a $20 Amazon gift card or four standard LED bulbs to anyone who signs up now. So go on and check it out.

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