Are You a Bit Green about Building a Blogging Business?

I often get interesting emails.

“Interesting” is the code word for: “Non targeted.”

Take for instance this email:

I never share emails like these to shame or embarrass anyone.

Not my style guys.

I love ya’s.

But I do share to help you avoid year’s worth of blogging struggle. Seeing such an email alerts you to what you may be doing online. Either the person who sent this email or the thousands upon thousands of online entrepreneurs who send similar emails or:

  • Facebook Messages
  • Twitter Messages
  • Blog Comments

may see the image above, read the email and a light bulb goes off in their minds. Instant connection; you are failing because you take a similar approach.

Established bloggers call it spamming; unsolicited correspondence. Trash or junk and move on for us.

But new bloggers, struggling bloggers and lost business owners often send such emails blindly to non targeted people, believing that if they can reach enough people that business will grow.

This is like blindfolding yourself in New York City and throwing a dart at a board in Bali, 11,000 miles away. Or in Bangkok – where I am flying soon – some 10,000 miles away.

If you use such blind, non targeted, poorly thought out tactics you are a green, inexperienced blogging business owner.

Take this approach instead.

Learn Blogging

Learn how to blog from professionals.

My friend Janice Wald runs a trusted blogging tips resource at Mostly Blogging.

Follow her advice. Read her posts. Study her content. Hire her.

If you are sending out non targeted emails you are wasting minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or even years of your time. Learn from pros to see your mistake and to follow an intelligent, targeted course.


Get Clear and Target

During lean blogging days I did zero targeting, some 10 years ago.

I was all over the place.

These days – and for many years – I focused exclusively on sharing blogging tips via my blog posts at Blogging From Paradise. Getting clear on filling one purpose – sharing blogging tips to help you retire to a life of island hopping – helped me stay on topic with every blog post.

I also guest posted primarily on top blogs in the blogging tips niche.

As I created on topic, helpful content and reached out to make friends with blogging tips bloggers, business actually flowed to me. No need to pitch people because if you get clear, stay on topic, create and connect, business flows to you.

This is attraction marketing.

Folks also began to perceive me as being an expert in the blogging tips niche.

Big Time Mention

I am humbled, blessed and floored to see my name mentioned through Matt’s post on Bookmattic:

8 Content Writer’s Blogs You Need to Subscribe to Now

with the Likes of Inc, Forbes, Neil Patel, The Huffington Post, Copyblogger, Hubspot and Buffer.

Folks perceive you differently when you get clear on doing one thing for years, so you do it exceedingly well and become an authority in your niche.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Giving your attention and energy to spamming people through email with non targeted, unsolicited messages, copy and pasted to blogger contact forms, shows not only a full lack of mental clarity but pure mental chaos.

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Cut it out guys.

You may feel lost. You may feel hopeless. I get that. I have been there. But it’s time to own your mistakes, to follow blogging pros and to target your blogging campaign by getting mentally clear on covering one niche, on writing for one targeted reader and by staying on topic with every blog post you write and publish on your blog.


I discuss this concept via a Facebook Broadcast:

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