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Our July 7th State of Email Live webinar was truly a global affair. Validity’s Tori Garcia, Danielle Gallant, Sophie Jean, Rafael Viana, and Sandra Schubert joined us to discuss all things data privacy in different parts of the world.

Before embarking on our world tour, we had the privilege of hosting Karie Burt, Chief Data & Privacy Officer from MeritB2B. She shared her insights on legislation and why her US-based company has proactively adopted some of GDPR’s key principles as its global standard.

Legislation paves the way. Although legislation can sometimes be imperfect, Karie firmly believes it provides a great framework for companies to really start thinking about data privacy and get ahead of the game.

GDPR’s “halo effect”. You will often hear us praising GDPR for delivering more robust data quality, stronger consent, greater transparency, and more choice. This in turn has led to customers having more trust, being more engaged, and most importantly, spending more money!

So, it’s great to hear that by globally embracing a privacy and compliance philosophy informed by GDPR at MeritB2B, privacy has become part of the company’s DNA and enabled better client engagement. In Karie’s own words, “Smart businesses now think about privacy as a business driver.”

All aboard the data world tour! Our fantastic Validity data experts gave us a whistle-stop tour on privacy laws in eight key markets. Here are some highlights:

  • • Alongside GDPR, EU-operating businesses also need to be aware of ePrivacy when it comes to all aspects of online communication, including emails.
  • • Much like the US’ state-by-state approach with data privacy, Germany’s 16 federal states all have their own separate laws and authorities – a real mind boggler!
  • • In California, CCPA is already about to be superseded by CPRA. Across the US, the legislation landscape is massively complicated by multiple laws passed by individual states, rather than one comprehensive federal law – just like Germany!
  • • China’s version of GDPR is soon on the way, with PIPL now in its second draft phase. In Australia, new laws now mean unsubscribing must be a simple and straightforward process.

Below is the full video so you can experience this data privacy world tour in full. For more information on this topic, feel free to grab a coffee and check out our new eBook, “Guide to Global Privacy and Compliance”.

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