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After god-knows-how-many years stuck in the leafy-ass end of London, Velocity has finally opened a second office – and it’s in New York City.

Can I get a ‘Woo-hoo!’

(A discreet ‘woot’?).

We tend to avoid ‘news release’ type posts, so I’m going to find a way to make this all about you, you you:

You’re a confident, ambitious, senior marketer in a B2B tech company.

Maybe you’re kind of new to the role and ready to shake things up. Or maybe you’re tired of the way you’ve always done things. And results are starting to flatten out.

You want to overhaul your boring marketing and spin up a program of smart, on-strategy content that surprises your prospects and drags them by the ear to your sales animals.

On the way, you could use a sharp positioning that makes your company leap out from the pack of wannabes – and, what the hell, a shiny new brand to go with it.

You’ve heard of those folks at Velocity (because… Content Marketing Agency of the Year and all that) but you’re based in the U.S. of A and they’re in leafy-ass West London.

You just aren’t sure you can manage an agency relationship from so far away (even though Sprint, Xerox, Informatica, ADP, Citrix, Sitecore, LiveRamp, Acxiom and a whole bunch more do just fine with it).

Well now, what’s this? (You say),

Velocity opening in New York?

Why, now there’s absolutely no reason not to call Martha Rzeppa*, who’s leading the NYC office, for a chat.

This changes everything.

(Subtle pivot back to us…)

So why are we making our lives so much more complicated?

Because, as a B2B Tech agency, over 70% of our business is in the USA. And every time we visit, we realize how important it is to spend some real, F2F time with the people who pay our reassuringly exorbitant fees.

And because the USA is the center of the tech world.

And because, BA Gold Card notwithstanding, airports kind of suck. And airplanes suck even more.

And because operating in two time zones lets us extend our availability and, soon, our production.

And because we want to create new opportunities for the amazing people stuck back in West London (did we mention the leaves?).

And because… NEW YORK.

Meet the NYC Pioneers:

Here’s the dynamic trio, charged with giving this thing a great start:

Martha Rzeppa* – our multi-multi-lingual, office head has been with us for five years. The last 14 months of which were spent trying to get a bloody visa.

Clare Grantham – our funnily-enough British account director has been working for us in NYC for 18 months already. From her apartment. Getting us ready.

Nicole Paladino – our newest US hire, also an account person, comes from Pittsburgh but takes no shit about it. None.

If you’re in NYC and have some time on your hands, drop in and say hi.

Check out the new digs

We’re starting out in a We Work office in SoHo.
(379 West Broadway, Suite 355, New York, NY 10012):

This is the public space with no people in it except one camouflaged guy on the sofa:

New York office of Velocity Partners

This is the intimidating receptionist and her owner:

This is the corridor to our office, with a sleeping (we hope) labrador:

Velocity NYC

This is Zippy, the very bad office dog, in London, when he learned there were dogs in the NYC office:

Bottom Line: This is the start of an exciting new era for the V-team and friends. If you’re anything like the hypothetical marketer wishfully outlined above, do get in touch. We’re local now.

TLDR: Woo-hoo!

(And some more NYC street iron shots – my secret fetish:)


* (The Rz is pronounced like the j in joie de vivre).

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