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BENGALURU: From being a class 5 dropout who was employed in his uncle’s welding shop, Mohammed Tanveer, 28, is now a full-stack web developer earning a fat salary package, thanks to his grit and also a Bengaluru-based military-style coding institute, Masai School.
Coming from a financially disadvantaged family in Jayanagar, Tanveer took up several odd jobs before landing one at a digital marketing company where he taught himself the basics of search engine optimization (SEO).
“At 16, I was working at a fabrication workshop on a daily basis where I suffered eye injuries and physical abuse. That was when I met with a road accident, which left me bedridden for nearly three months. My sister taught me how to read and write. After a while, I signed up for a typing course which helped me land a job as a data-entry executive. I moved to other data-entry jobs and slowly worked my way up to becoming an SEO specialist. Over the next few years, I worked in digital marketing, but I always aspired to build a career as a software professional,” explained Tanveer.
At his workplace, Tanveer realised that despite substantial experience, several employees had lower designations as compared to those with degrees from top universities and less experience. He added, “I was initially apprehensive about beginning a career as a coder without an educational degree. That’s when I came across Masai School, a coding school for software engineering aspirants, and its six-month coding programme. I enrolled six months ago.”
“The programme has given me the right skills and in turn kick-started my career as a full-stack web developer,” Tanveer said.
Founder of Masai School and IIT Kanpur graduate Prateek Shukla said, “Having the right skills is key to building a job-ready workforce. With the growing technology, we need more people who are ready to adapt to changes pertaining to skillsets, which they can deploy as soon as they get into a job.”
“Companies today are realising the value of skills over degrees. This will open up more opportunities for aspirants like Tanveer. Through Masai School’s programmes, we aim to help more such individuals build their dream careers,” Shukla added.
Masai School began operations in the June 2019. It also has a branch in Patna and plans to train over 1,000 students in the next 10-12 months.

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