best (and worst) email signoffs during COVID-19

Best and Worst Email Signoffs During COVID-19

In the era of COVID-19, how do you sign off your marketing emails in a way that fits your brand—but still shows that you’re aware of what’s going on out there in the world for your customers?

“I usually sign off my marketing emails with ‘cheers,’ but that suddenly seemed a bit inappropriate given the COVID-19 situation,” Linda Formichelli, founder and creative director of Hero’s Journey Content, told me.

So she came up with 30+ options for email signoffs, she said. She placed them in a chart, listed from best to worst, with options for both cheeky and formal brand images.

“Notice how just a few months ago, this chart would have been flipped upside-down!” Formichelli pointed out.

By the way, if the concept for the infographic looks familiar, that’s because she also came up with “30 Creative Alternatives to ‘Unprecedented,'” which MarketingProfs also published.

Check out the best (and worst) email signoffs during COVID-19:

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