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If you’re looking to build a solid marketing campaign in the Quebec area, you want to look at Boss North SEO. They’re one of the leaders in the digital marketing and SEO areas, and they have captivating experiences that they can create for your company, so you can get excellent SEO and build an online reputation that’s out of this world, as well as the fact that they can incorporate messenger bots so you can keep connected with users on various platforms like Facebook Messenger even when you’re not using Facebook. So, let’s learn more about this digital marketing agency.

Why Messenger Bots?

Messenger bots are an excellent way to create customer experiences even without the need to phone conversations, and many people are using mobile data platforms as well over the standard phone call. By using a messenger bot, you’re literally there 24 hours a day, and can be there to assist customers should they have any questions.

How to they Handle SEO?

Boss North uses a specialized skillset when it comes to search engine optimization. They use managed services, quality tools, and more white hat and “gray hat” (a mix between the popular white hat practices and the not so bad black hat strategies that are acceptable by search engines) to help you get the top results on Google searches. This ranges from keyword optimization all the way down to strategic content placement, and literally the overall look of your site. They even offer responsive web design, because even in SEO giving you a mobile version of your website is crucial in today’s world because about 80% of browsing is still done on mobile devices over PC’s.

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Because of the mobile movement, it’s important to have dynamic websites that can be accessed everywhere, but they also have to look right. Believe it or not, if your website doesn’t look professional enough, or even has a strange color scheme, Google can even look at that and give your website a negative mark. You can even increase traffic just by changing the color scheme you use, or the template.

What is Reputation Control?

When you have to work in a job where customer experiences matter, it’s hard to please everyone. As a matter of fact, it’s literally impossible. The downside to this is that some customers will leave negative reviews, and that can leave hindering effects on your online reputation and even get your website and online presence flagged by sites like Google. With proper SEO techniques and revitalizing your reputation online, Boss North SEO is set on making sure that you look good in all that you do both online and offline, by utilizing various reputation management tools, social media marketing, advertising and more. They also help to teach you how to view your website’s rankings on sites like Google using analytical applications that are popular out there today (like the famous Google Analytics… but there are so many more out there).

What Do You Get?

You get the ability through a company like Boss North SEO to get the advertising and marketing experience you need to increase your company’s customer and client base, your reputation online, and thus increasing your revenue. When you have higher return on investment (also known as ROI), you actually increase your own net worth as well, and become higher and higher on search engines like Google.

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