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Do you want to earn from home? Just have a look on Best online earning website:

There are many websites which proves
that they are genuine but actually they are not, here we have come up with the
best and genuine online earning website.

CHEGG: is an online tutoring website, it is the most genuine website for giving  tutions to the students, where many students are registered across the globe. It is both online study guide and tutoring  for students and tutors respectively , here the experts can solve questions which are asked by the students across the globe and  earn money by solving and posting those answers.


Here you have to signup on this
link   for creating 
an expert account, in which you have to enter the given details. Choose
the subject of your suitable choice, once you get signup on this website you
will receive an email for the test of mcq’s of your selected subject, there are
two attempts for the test, once you pass the test , then you have to pass  onephsychometric test which can be passed in 3
attempts, after passing all the test you will receive another email to complete
your kyc details  in which you have to
give details of your bank account like account no, IFSC code.

After completing all the procedures your
account will start in 3 to 4 working days.

You will get questions to solve and if
you don’t know the right answer to that question you can skip and attempt the
next question and so on. Time to solve each question is for 2 hours, you have
to solve one question in the respected time.

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subjects to teach on chegg:

  • Computer science
  • Finance
  • Electrical engineering
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • LineraAlzebra
  • Mechanical engineering
    and dozens of others

much money you can earn:

There is a fixed price, per question of different subject, you can do average earning of  Rs. 125 to Rs. 139 for solving one question . The price of the question varies with different subject. Solve  atleast minimum  5 to 6 questions per day to get a great earning after every month.

Payout criteria:

After every 10th day of the month  you will receive an email of your earnings from in your account which you have submitted during the chegg procedure.

Article written by: Miss Latika Sharma, Trainee of web developer at ninepagestech solution

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