Bing Advertising and Pay-per-click marketing

Bing Advertising and Pay-per-click marketing –

PPC i.e. Pay –per-click marketing is a channel where marketers can advertise and don’t pay by the impression or purely for ad placement. Placement may be affected by the bid amount but the advertiser only gets paid when his/her ad is clicked by an online user.

On popular PPC ad formats like the search result pages of Google and Bing search engines, advertisers have the opportunity to place their brand, product or service front and center in the form of an advert. This ad targets either a specific behavior or keyword.

How do PPC ads look like?

Most PPC ads appear on search result page but not all. Three main types of PPC marketing ads exist and they include:

  • Text ads: these are composed of a written copy by the advertiser. The format and character limits are dependent on the platform you are working on. These ads are triggered when users search on Bing for a keyword that is held within your PPC campaign.
  • Display ads: these come in an image or motion graphic format. They usually show up and are available for advertising placement on websites across the internet.
  • Shopping Ads: these are only delivered after a searcher submits a query through a search engine or shopping engine. They usually consist of just the product image, price and other specifications like size, color, etc.

Should I try PPC marketing?

You can consider PPC advertising if you have a website but before you start your first PPC marketing campaign, you need to consider your budget, advertising goals, competition and risk tolerance.

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have a clear conversion goal? PPC ads are most rewarding and effective when dollars spent can be matched to a conversion like a lead form completion or a transaction. Having clear conversion goals can help you do that.
  • What am I trying to accomplish? PPC is one venture that stops producing when you stop spending as it is great for responsive and nimble advertising. So if you want to balance this with earned media, you can add search engine optimization (SEO) to the mix.
  • How much am I willing to spend on PPC before I get a return on investment? You need to face the fact that your ads might not produce instant results. So, be ready to spend some money without return. But, it is necessary you have a figure to spend in mind.

Bing PPC Platform

There are lots of platforms that offer text, display and shopping PPC ad placement. Of the major platforms that abound like Google and Amazon, Bing Ads now known as Microsoft Advertising is one that should not be bypassed.

This platform allows pay-per click advertising on its search network, and on search partner sites like Yahoo. Com. That’s not all though as it also allows native advertising on MSN which is Microsoft-owned web property.

In spite of all this, Bing Ads is sometimes the forgotten stepchild of PPC and this traces back to when it was hard to manage and provided very little opportunity for effort invested but that has all changed now.

Ways to get the more out of Bing Ads-Tools make Bing Ads` easier

While Bing Ads now reaches more people around the globe, and has also tweaked its platform to make these ads easier to manage, there are still usability gaps. A tool like Bing Bang Profits can provide immediate impact on a PPC pro’s ability to deliver results with profits. It also helps with optimization of your Bing Ads after being set up.

That’s not all, as Bing Bang Profits software will help even when it comes to spying on competition to know ways to create better campaign Ads which will generate maximize profit and yield.

Separate Bing from Google Ad to get better performance

With Bing, it is easier to copy and sync Google Ad accounts. As someone paid to manage PPC tough, it would be best for you to manage Bing on its own to get better result. So instead of doing periodic sync, consider Bing as its own entity and use their unique data to make optimization decisions.

Bing has a different audience form other platforms like Google so therefore, their users may respond better to different things than Google. Because of difference in competition, you can also get more value by deploying a bidding strategy based on Bing data.


With the right tools, including a mix of the Bing Ads interface, their Power Editor and a third party software like Bing Bang Profits, Bing Ads can be pretty easier to manage. Add to this the increasing market share that is making Bing Ads higher potential source of high quality leads every year and you’ve got the push that tells you that Bing Ads is a must buy for your PPC advertising.

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