Bing showing a streamlined recipe carousel in search results


Bing appears to be testing or introducing a new way to show rich results on desktop. For queries that may relate to recipes, Bing is displaying a carousel that features just three recipes initially. It allows users to filter results by total time and other nutrition criteria, but does not immediately show the option to compare recipes.

Bing’s streamlined recipe carousel shown at the top of this search result.

For comparison, below is Google’s results page for the same query, which shows a single featured snippet below the ad results. (Note that Bing also shows ads above the recipe carousel at times.)

Google shows a featured snippet for the same query.

We are still seeing instances of Bing’s recipe treatment of a page-width carousel that allows users to select and compare recipes directly from the results page. 

With the new carousel, the comparison option is available after a user selects one or more of the filters. The Bing recipe comparison pages feature elements such as rating, total time, nutrition and yield (servings), which are all properties from recipe schema.

Why we should care. Bing’s recipe UX is an area where it stands out from Google. Providing all of the relevant details and adding structured data can increase the chances that search engines display your content as a rich result. It may also enable users to filter through rich results to locate your content.

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