Bored? Here's a Google Analytics bootcamp you can take online.

Bored? Here’s a Google Analytics bootcamp you can take online.

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No matter what stage of your career you are in, Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can help you level up.

With it, you can analyze traffic to your website, examine the user experience of your customers, monitor the effectiveness of your marketing tactics, create customized reports — and that’s barely scratching the surface of what the program has to offer.

So whether you are currently seeking a job in a new field, are cultivating your own brand online, or just want to boost your analytical skills because you are stuck in quarantine, one of these Google Analytics courses is a great place to start. And if your weekend plans include supporting local business (aka ordering pizza) and starting Curb Your Enthusiasm from season one (again), tuning into an educational bootcamp may not be the worst choice. Here are some great options depending on your level:

For Beginners: The Complete Google Analytics Course

This introductory course, created by Eduonix, consists of 20 lectures and over three hours of content. All the content Eduonix produces is aimed at teaching technology in the way that it is used in the real world. You will learn how to read and utilize Google Analytics Reports, discover how customers use your website, as well as study multiple strategies that will help you use Google Analytics as effectively — and efficiently — as possible. At the end of the course, you will receive a certification of completion that will make you feel extremely accomplished so you can get right back to Curb. You can start the course for only $10 (79% off).

Bored? Here's a Google Analytics bootcamp you can take online.

This training, which consists of 20 lectures, is designed for complete beginners and aimed at helping you pass the certification exam as quickly as you can (like at the end of the weekend). You will study with the help of engaging video lessons, 200 practice questions, and active discussion forums. Considering more than 40,000 students have left top-rated reviews, it is safe to say you will be in good hands with this course. Get started today for $13.99 (93% off).

Bored? Here's a Google Analytics bootcamp you can take online.

If you are looking for a meatier training than the previous two courses, then look no further than this training bundle. With nine courses and over 43 hours of video tutorials, you will learn the basic structure of Google Analytics, AdWords, Search Engine Optimization, Google Charts, and Conversion Rate Optimization. At the end of each course, you’ll receive verifiable certificates that you can show off on your LinkedIn profile or your résumé. You can start on the road to mastery for just $19.99 (94% off). 

Bored? Here's a Google Analytics bootcamp you can take online.

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