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Email metrics are powerful tools to help build contextually relevant campaigns for subscribers. Too often, we review the performance of email sends to report on open or conversion rates, track deliverability and unsubscribes, or pull these further down to examine lifetime customer value and pipeline opportunities. Knowing this information is important, but how often do you use it to build your content strategy or test ideas for future sends? We recently wrote an ebook on the importance of reporting things like ROI and customer value by focusing on our second pillar of successful email programs.

June’s Litmus Live Day is all about leveraging engagement data from your emails to help you plan and send 1:1, targeted campaigns. We’re thrilled to welcome two speakers with proven track records on creating customer-first experiences that stand out, and each session is sure to leave you with actionable tips that help make an impact.

Using Data to Drive Personalized Email Campaigns

Our first session features Anne Tomlin, the founder of Emails Y’all based in Austin, TX. She’s worked with clients in the media, restaurant, and nonprofit sectors (just to name a few) and specializes in responsive email template design and development.

As a freelance developer, Anne’s background means she’s well versed in knowing what data is best used to personalize a template, as well as how to work these insights efficiently into a variety of ESPs and business goals. Her session will help email practitioners:

  • Uncover actionable engagement cues from your subscribers
  • Translate these numbers into personalized narratives
  • Efficiently use these insights in future templates
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And, since personalization extends beyond just copy, she’ll also include ways that email developers can design with data in mind.

Why No One is Reading Your Emails

Marketing leaders, just as much as email practitioners, need to make sure the effort put into creating campaigns is justified by having subscribers read and engage. Reviewing post-send reports and looking at things like specific links that get clicks are helpful, but are you really looking at the right metrics to help guide future content strategy? Not as often as you may think, according to our second presenter, Scott Stratten.

Scott is the president of UnMarketing, the author of six bestselling books, a podcaster, and a speaker known for (in his words, loudly) providing honest opinions and outside-the-(in)box ideas. In this exclusive conversation led by Litmus’ VP of Marketing Cynthia Price, Scott will help you identify:

  • How to get subscribers interacting with your campaigns
  • When to take a deeper dive into data
  • Why showing respect for your audience is paramount to success

Everyone involved in making email happen at your organization will come away with a new idea or two. Already have questions for us? You can submit them in advance.

Still need to register?

The learning kicks off at 11am ET on Tuesday, June 16. We look forward to you joining us and sharing your insights and a-ha moments by using and following along with #LitmusLiveDay.

Remember, if you registered for Litmus Live Day in May, your seat is already saved for June and beyond; same for Litmus Live Week in September.

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