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BuzzBundle Review – How to Create a Buzz for your Brand

Managing your brand and developing an image takes time to craft. One of the most difficult aspect of managing a business or blog online is the lack of a resource that integrates all the tools necessary for managing that brand.


Brand Publishing and Monitoring

There are two components of brand management that are on the mind of most bloggers and business owners: competition and public reputation. BuzzBundle can track the competition before publishing data to the various social networks that are linked to the account. The competition is tracked by a few methods:

• Competitive mentions based on keyword and URL searches

BuzzBundle has a search engine function that can scout out similar keywords or campaigns. The monitoring system allows the addition of up to 10 competitors and 10 links for each site. This system can really increase the amount of information by adding whatever social media site is needed to track such as a YouTube channel or a niche page.

• The ability to track competitive SEO strategies and the progress of those strategies

Brand tracking and competitive management can easily contribute to a quality network post. In fact, users of this software can track the compeition’s SEO strategy in real time. BuzzBundle‘s publishing management system has several key features:

• Shorten URLs

Consumers and viewers find it easier to search using shortened URLS. It also reduces the amount of clutter in a posting to grab attention from a niche audience.

• Send multiple messages to various networks simultaneously

Attaching a message to specific social networks can be time consuming. Some messages can often apply generically to all sites and having a software such as this can really reduce the amount of time in keeping the public informed. The greatest amount of time is wasted logging in and out of each account. BuzzBundle also enables each persona to add specific information from different profiles to quickly reduce miscommunication and clutter.

• Constant SEO management

BuzzBundle is an SEO-building machine. It has the ability to develop strong social link building along the way by engaging audiences quickly and efficiently. This system of publishing can create organic traffic to the site without sacrificing quality.

Traffic Generating Widgets and Tools

BuzzBundle is a toolbox of tools and widgets to manage traffic. A unique feature of this software is the ability to create a “persona”. You can think of this feature as wearing several ‘hats’ to the various audiences that are gaining traffic. For example, you can create a persona that will manage a profile for a creative director and another for specific target audiences. The number is unlimited and can create niche targets for every social media network available. Personas can target all or just one of each social site.


However, BuzzBundle really shines in the advanced features for removing the guesswork out of generating traffic. It allows you to join in directly on a conversation in social media live. The conversation can be joined in the same screen for added convenience. All that you have to do is click the site link and add comments. This has a major benefit of not having to log in and out of the site to enable different social media accounts or profiles.

BuzzBundle is flexible and optimizes the working environment by enabling favorites and bookmarks of specific social. links. This makes publishing a breeze by keeping targeted pieces in eye’s view. An activities list allows users to sort information by date to see when information was listed to match a social media campaign.

Why is important to allow for organization of favorites?

The simple answer is managing mentions. Each retweet, like, or comment update is another targeted response to your campaign. It helps to have a profile that can organize posts according to priority to keep traffic flowing well. Mentions are enabled for well-known social media networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn as well as specific forums and blogs. Individual blogs often have specific posts that indirectly link to social media networks. This is why it’s important to stay on target with favorite competitive campaigns.

Developing a Campaign is Simple

Developing a campaign is a simple process of BuzzBundle. It starts with creating a new project and linking a website URL to the campaign with necessary keywords for searching. Here are the ‘quick and dirty’ steps on starting a successful campaign:

1) Create a new project and adjust the number of keywords from the “add streams” function.

This is where keywords and related content can be placed in the software. You can add or change the default social media networks selected for the content to rank. The keywords should be relevant to the content you wish to promote.

2) Edit the layout

The software is going to include 4 columns that can be edited for each stream. You can uncheck the social networks you prefer to not include or add additional sites per stream here. These can be edited for each column. A filter can be added to each stream for honing in on additional scrutiny.

3) Setup your proxies

Proxies allow BuzzBundle to search Google Search Results pages correctly and provide adequate competitor information. A proxy is usually required if there is the need for more than one keyword. A proxy is also required for multiple accounts to hide locations for a natural posting of persona information. Proxies can be switched simultaneously between each campaign check prior to publishing. It’s also simple to change the proxy tools used by editing information directly in the filter before publishing the campaign or post.

4)Persona setup

Finally, a persona is enabled by included username and password information specific to the user for this stream. A picture can be included to differentiate the persona. Personal social networking profiles can be added to this profile using existing account information.

From this point all BuzzBundle features are enabled and further tweaking can begin. The campaign can be used to find target audiences in blogs and forums. An added benefit of enabling a personal persona is the ability to increase target strategies by adding more keywords that is related to anything in the content previously published to discover a niche audience. BuzzBundle enables that by enabling users to increase their subscription rate and track the type of users that are subscribing to your channel or blog. A persona provides the opportunity to see how users engage with that specific persona. It allows for changing or tweaking a message without becoming too revealing in the process. The persona is often the most important aspect of the entire program.

Multiple Editions for a Variety of Uses

BuzzBundle comes in three different flavors. Each one has a distinct advantage for various purposes. The benefit of having several choices with this product is the fact that there is only a one time fee for registering the product.

The free version contains the same unlimited access to profiles and available social networks to post to. Project history and data can be saved for the first 15 days and social mentions gradually limit itself to 70& after the first 15 days and 30% thereafter. It’s a great way to ‘test the water’s before paying down the service.

The difference between the professional and enterprise edition is the ability to generate specific analytics and reporting for various activities. The enterprise

All subscription services also include a free 6 months subscription to the BuzzBundle Maintenance plan. This provides updates and patches to all interaction between social media networks.

Advantages and Disadvantages


• Ability to see social media in live mode

• Simultaneous posting to all social media networks

• Allows for full control of campaign layouts for easy viewing

• Competitive monitoring is a 24/7 operation

• Personas can be enabled to create an unlimited number of niche targets

• The software is available for one fee. There is no need to keep purchasing a monthly subscription.

• Simultaneous submissions to social media can be viewed live

• The interface allows for easy switching of data between personas and profiles


• Non-cloud based application and may require multiple workstations for larger departments

• Can have a slight learning curve for beginners

BuzzBundle is one of the most intuitive tools available for monitoring a web campaign and expanding the presence of your online brand. The 24/7 surveying nature of the campaign management tool can scope out competition and allow for simple changes in posting style. These easy changes can have a dramatic impact in the amount of type of traffic that will feed into a blog or commercial website.

Take a test drive today and see what it is all about.

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