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snakes Here are the notes from the Chris Brogan Media broadcast for 09/07/2017. (You can watch this on my Facebook account).

This live video was all shot using Ecamm Live (client), the best way to do Facebook Live for Mac.

Please note that all links may be affiliate links. If someone is a client, I’ll call that out specifically.

Stories Shared

“Learning requires trial, error, making mistakes, correction, feedback, more trial, more errors, and onward on the road of social, interactive learning” – More in this post.

How can you design a better experience? Maybe take a page from the hospitality industry.

Your precious teen demographic? They’re sick of your ads.

Why aren’t we letting school start for teens later in the day?

Great advice about how to turn around a company with a serious perception problem.

Oh, no one’s using Facebook stories in the news we already knew department.

Nice to say something nice about airlines helping out in a hurricane.

Is the age of voice upon us? Well, I sure think so.

It’s important that we market to the people we hope to serve. Fatburger knows all about it.

Ah, Japan. How you help us learn. Who knew that there’s a reason you can’t play Salmon Run all the time.

Hardware store? Naw. Learn how Lowes is using comic books to innovate.

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What ELSE is News?

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