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Chicago based Chicago Website Design SEO, is a complete web marketing company that started in 2008. Dedicated to helping businesses grow, they work with both start-ups and up and running, profitable businesses. Their mission is to help clients understand how to use the internet as an advertisement tool, and protect their best interests online. They promise that their internet marketing services will drive massive, relevant traffic to a businesses website. All this traffic is driven thanks to the use of effective SEO techniques. They claim to be one of the best SEO companies in Chicago, and the proof is that when Googling the keywords “seo services chicago”, they show up first on the first page.

The company has an impressive 5.0 star rating in Yelp. A review by Maureen B says, “In my search to find the right company to work with, I contacted half a dozen companies for information on pricing and to learn more about their process. Of all the people I spoke with, only one completely blew me away, and that was Jack Lombardi with Chicago Website Design SEO Company.

“Throughout the process, he not only gave me a lot of information on things I didn’t think to ask about, but he went above and beyond in spending additional time providing suggestions on how to effectively market my business, which had nothing to do with the website itself, or search engine optimization. His experience working with many companies throughout the years has allowed him to see what works and what doesn’t, and he’s willing to pass along his knowledge to his clients. This kind of care, and investment put into his clients, is so rare in a world where people always seem to be in a hurry to move on to the next thing.

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“The designers / developers create great looking websites, and a site put together by professionals is critical to a business, in most cases it’s the first encounter potential customers/clients have with a company. Search engine optimization is also important, otherwise clients may not be able to find a company by doing online searches.”

The company is operated by SEO expert Jack Lombardi, a lifetime entrepreneur who enjoys the challenges of business. His company has been functioning since 2008 so he definitely has a lot of experience in the SEO field. He says, “My personal objective is to help business owners achieve their dreams through effective Search Engine Marketing, and my web marketing guidance. It’s amazing to work with business owners who like working on improving their business rather than just following what they have done for years.”

They also offer to build websites for small businesses. The approach the company takes is that rather than building custom websites tailored to what the client thinks is trendy, without taking marketing into consideration, they build websites based off of metrics. Because of this, they build websites that get results, and are referred to as web marketers. They also state that their writers and designers work together only after they have received a competitive analysis. The company approves of and uses the Responsive Website method that makes a businesses website look appealing and also work well on phones/tablets.

The Chicago SEO company have partnerships with some well known businesses, which vouches for the legitimacy of the company. They guarantee instant results as they claim that, “The fast or instant rankings pitch is nothing more than a play on words, beware. Ranking a website for the client’s brand name (company name) is monkey work (no offense to monkeys). Sure it’s nice to appear on the web for the business name, but if the only people who know a company’s name are past customers and friends, this will not increase sales. Just like people searched Google, Bing, Yahoo or Yelp using keywords like Chicago SEO Experts or best SEO company Chicago and found our website, a client’s potential customers are searching for the services or products he provides. Anyone who claims they can get a client on page one right away, is either lying or playing with words. Profitable keywords take time. Google tirelessly protects search results from spammers. Google page one results are gained by meeting Google’s best practices and natural brand building.”

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To know more about the Chicago Website Design SEO Company, visit their website, or check their profile on Yelp. On the website there is an interview with the Chicago Website Design SEO Company CEO Jack Lombardi, for people who want to know more about him.


For more information about Chicago Website Design SEO Company, contact the company here:

Chicago Website Design SEO Company
Jack Lombardi
(630) 839-9099
[email protected]
1001 E Ogden Ave
Ste 201A
Naperville, IL 60563

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