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Launched as a part of the Chang’e 4 mission, China’s lunar rover Yutu has recently discovered a “gel-like” substance on the surface of the moon. As per a report by People’s Daily, this substance is described as “unusually coloured”.

This discovery was made during lunar day 8 which started on 25 July (a lunar day is equal to 14 days on Earth). As per, on 28 July, the researchers were preparing to power Yutu-2’s usual mid-day “nap” which is important to protect the rover from the high intensity of temperature and radiations fro the sun. While doing this, a small crater was spotted that contained some substance with a “colour” and “lustre” which was clearly different from the surrounding lunar surface.

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Chinas Yutu-2 lunar rover spots a gel-like substance on the Moons surface

There are still no details about the nature of the newly discovered ‘gel-like’ substance. Representational Image.

The Chang’e 4 team decided to explore more about this strange substance. As per the Yutu-2’s “Drive Diary”, the team instructed the rover to point its spectrometer, a device that can help in finding the composition of the material, towards the substance.

Up till now, there are still no details about the nature of the newly discovered substance. As per the report, an outside researcher has suggested that this substance is melt grass made from meteorites that keep on striking the Moon’s surface.

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