Cloud Call Center Software

Cloud Call Center Software for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a leading and widely used CRM platform that combines enterprise resource planning and several other powerful tools useful for the growth of businesses, expansion of reach, and the smooth running of day-to-day activities.

If you have chosen to run a Microsoft call center for your business needs, you’ll need to integrate a suitable call center software, if providing a seamless call experience is one of your business objectives. A properly integrated cloud call center software should increase productivity, deliver seamless service across multiple communication channels, and handle large volumes of calls easily.

There are a number of cloud-based call center solutions on the market that can be integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. But before any purchases are made, the makings of a suitable contact center solution must be explored. The following are key features your call center should have.

Integrate all communications channels i.e be omnichannel

While Microsoft Dynamics comes with omnichannel features and capabilities, any call center system integrating with it must be able to seamlessly process and communication from any one customer, across all channels that they may use, as one seamless conversation.

This is to say that customers may use various channels to communicate with your CSRs, and they wouldn’t want to have to go over the same problem every time they use a different communication channel, be it phone, web, live chat, or email. A suitable solution would be one that is an omnichannel, synchronizing all the conversation of each customer, across all channels, and making them readily available for your CSRs.

Scale according to business needs

One of the many functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is its provision of insights based on data collected from and about customers.

This is very essential to operations as customer needs are constantly evolving and business are constantly growing to fill those needs. This is where insights come in. Customer behavior can be tracked and insights garnered from them so business can accurately monitor any shifts in customer preferences and cater to it.

Responding to these changes may involve adding new communications channels and implementing a self service platform, among other things. Any suitable call center solution should be able to scale to meet the needs of the business and customers— whether it be scaling up to handle thousands of calls per day, or then scaling down months later to handle fewer calls but integrate live chat and mobile communication.

Skill-based automatic call routing capabilities

Skill-based automatic call routing systems recognize calls and direct them to the appropriate  CSR. Businesses that offer one or more specialized products or services may receive calls from different customers looking for solutions to problems that require different sets of expertise. In this type of situation, merely routing the call to the next available agent may not be the best option as agents that do not possess the required skill set or knowledge may take longer or end up having to refer the customer to another agent who may not currently be available. This leads to increased handling time and reduced productivity.

This is where skill-based call routing comes in. By routing calls to agents with the appropriate skill set, CSRs can better attend to customers. Because these agents have been trained to deal with that particular situation, they can do it with a higher degree of efficiency and in less time.

This is paramount for large businesses with various, highly specialized products, but is also needed by small to medium sized businesses.

When looking to implement a certain call center software solution, it’s important to use one that has certain capabilities, as without them, your call center won’t be maximizing its potential. By ensuring your call center has omnichannel support, call routing, and is able to scale with your business, you can rest assured knowing your call center will be among the top in terms of client and customer satisfaction.

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