College 101: Tips on How to Develop a Unique Brand Identity

College 101: Tips on How to Develop a Unique Brand Identity

As a business owner, it’s your job to see your company’s vision come to life, which includes your brand. Your business’s brand identity can be huge for your visibility and sales, but how do you develop one? If you’re struggling to create a unique identity for your company, here are a few easy tips. 

Know Your Clients

Building your brand is about knowing what your clients want. You should collect data on who your clients are and attempt to understand what it is they like about your business. Do you cater to twenty-somethings who love your boutique’s weekly wine and cheese night o are your customers retired adults who come to your business for home repairs? Maybe you’ve noticed that your clients don’t return emails but love to chat on the phone. 

Whatever information you have about your customers, use it. Give your clients a fun nickname that relates to your business’s name, and target your brand to the people who already love what you’re doing. Odds are they already love supporting a local business, so they’ll be thrilled by your unique brand identity and commit to building an amazing customer base.

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Buy Unique Promotional Items

Your promotional products should tell more about who your business is. You can buy items that say a little about your business through irony (for example, umbrellas for an awning business), or you can stick with unique items that help draw in new customers. You can buy promotional calendars that clearly display what your business is about. If you own a pet shelter, have each month feature a rescue animal. You can include exciting events on the calendar, like your annual “no-fee adoption” day, or add a different coupon or deal to the bottom of each month. 

Try to personalize your promo items based on what you know about your customers. These freebies still make a huge difference in gaining and keeping clients, and they can help you develop your unique brand identity.

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Improve Your Website’s SEO

Your online presence is extremely important in today’s day and age. Many potential customers visit your website before they come to your store, so it has to provide a great impression and be easy to use. They also need to be able to find it. That’s where SEO comes in. SEO stands for search engine optimization. A search company, like this Denver SEO expert, can help your website place higher in the internet search results, which increases your website traffic. 

The better your website is and the more people who visit it, the better your business will be. You can work with a Denver SEO service to develop an SEO campaign and content marketing strategy. He or she knows the best content for your website and will probably encourage you to start a blog or weekly message to your customers. This gives your website a personal touch and helps build your unique brand.

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Engage With Customers on Social Media 

Using your company’s social media platforms will help you personalize your interactions with customers and create a strong brand. Social media is more informal than your website, so it can help you show your clients more about who you are. You can do giveaways, answer questions, and provide tips and tricks specific to your industry. People want to feel connected to your company and what you stand for. Curating your online presence and providing fun and unique content will build brand awareness and loyal followers.

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When you know who your customers are and what your vision is for your company, your brand will follow. The best promotional products and an amazing website will help your business skyrocket to success.

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