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Computacenter is a leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, enabling users and their business in a digital world. They advise organizations on IT strategy, implement the most appropriate technology, optimize its performance, and manage customers’ infrastructures.

In this video, Donna Kempster of Computacenter provides her advice on getting started with a customer experience program. She talks about the importance of not only having a vision for CX, but of using a phased approach with clear control and measurement to achieve that vision in stages.

Donna also talks about some of the key challenges that her team has faced through the evolution of their CX program. She explains that two years into their endeavors, it became clear that their provider was not able to deliver on their vision, and was unable to support the global nature of the businesses. Donna explains how this led the team to take the difficult but necessary decision to move to a better CX partner – Confirmit.

In highlighting some of the more advanced elements of Computacenter’s program, Donna also talks about the role of text analytics within their approach. She explains how her team has worked closely with Confirmit’s text analytics specialists to deliver a taxonomy that can be trained and tweaked to evolve to accommodate business change. Computacenter has now reached an excellent 87% accuracy rate in their analytics of customer comments.

Finally, Donna talks about her experience of working with Confirmit. She notes the collaborative and engaging nature of the partnership and highlights how Confirmit’s team works closely with her to help achieve that all-important vision.

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