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One of your relatives asked you to help him promote his business by creating advertising flyers. You’ve already answered yes, but you don’t know how to do it yet. You have some great ideas about the slogans and style of the flyer, but you still don’t know the exact procedure to create one and print it. Don’t Panic! If you are really willing to find out how you need to proceed to make a free advertising flyer I suggest you take a few minutes of free time, to put you comfortable and to focus on reading this tutorial. I am sure that in the end, you will be able to get the result you so longed for and if necessary you’ll also be ready and willing to give all the explanations of the case to your friends eager to receive a similar tip. So, ready?

DesignCap is a WEB service that allows you to create posters and flyers in a very simple way. You can use it at no cost for both personal and commercial purposes though, and this is good to keep it in mind, all of the graphical content that the site makes available to users are no need to be paid. To make a free advertising flyer with DesignCap, link to the service’s homepage by clicking here.

When turned on, press the option “Create a free poster & flyer,” private use or instruction according to your needs, or click on the “Support” button with written show me how and wait for it to be started and completed the short tutorial of presentation for the use of Service.

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Wait a few moments to open the editor of DesignCap and start to create your flyer using the graphical resources offered by the site more, if you want, the customized ones that you can upload from your PC.

All the tools you need to be able to make your flyer are placed on the left side of the editor that you now see: There is a search engine through which you can quickly browse all the icons, photos, geometric shapes and the tables that you can use in your flyers. In the template, you will find predefined templates for flyers. Fortunately, they are all no need to be paid. In clipart, you will find many decorative elements that you can draw to make your project unique, in the text, there are a lot of tools to add personalized writings and logos to the flyer. The background lists the themes to use as a flyer background.

To insert an image, a background, a text, or any other item in your flyer, click on its icon and move it to the point on the worksheet you prefer. By clicking on each object, you can also resize it, change its colors and, in the case of writing, modify the texts contained in them.

When you are satisfied with the result, to save the final result on your PC, tap on the download button that is in the top right and select the item PDF: For printing from the menu that appears.

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