Digital India and Cybersecurity – A Promising Career Opportunity

With the launch of Digital India movement, India is moving at a fast pace towards developing a country-wide digital ecosystem.

As the number of interconnected devices increases and Internet becomes accessible even to the population living in the remotest part of the country, the day is not far when India will be a digitally-connected space, like its Western counterparts.

Cyber Security Jobs With Growing Demand

Digital India and Cybersecurity


As India continues to waltz into a digital autonomous future. However, there is an increasing need to provide a secure and robust network architecture to businesses and common population. For a growing digital economy, securing the data of individuals and organizations has become a need of the hour.

According to a NitiAayog’s report, up to 50% of the organizations were reportedly hit by cyberattacks in variations of phishing, malware, social engineering, ransomware, and similar of which outside agencies performed 75% of the attacks.

Therefore, government and businesses alike, need to consider these looming threats and devise strategies to counter them – enter the rising need for cybersecurity.

1] Possible Reasons Behind the Increasing Number of Cyber Attacks

  1. Cybercriminals are highly intelligent, diligent, and motivated experts in the field of Information technology.
  2. Lack of cybersecurity experts.
  3. Cybersecurity professionals lack adequate knowledge and specific skills with cybersecurity certification.

In the fast-evolving cyber warfare, cybersecurity still has a long way to go.

As India imports a colossal of software and hardware technology, it becomes more susceptible to cyberattacks which have no geological boundaries. Also, the country is facing a lack of cybersecurity experts possessing the specific skill to combat such attacks or find potential loopholes.

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To counteract such events, educational institutes provide such cybersecurity certifications which help professionals develop a specific skillset and use them to defend cyberspace.

2] What is Cybersecurity Certification?

Today, the world is growing such that if a professional does not possess specific industry skills, their career may have slow growth. Pursuing a cybersecurity certification develops technical skills to combat cyberattacks and find potential threats of the data breach.

Some of the courses in India are.

  • Master Certificate in Cybersecurity (Red Team).
  • Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity.
  • BE in Information Security.
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer.
  • Professional diploma in cyber investigation and laws.
  • Cisco certified security professional.
  • Certified Information system auditor.

3] Scope of Cybersecurity in India

The cyberattacks perpetrating Digital India has called for the cybersecurity experts in huge numbers. Primary work areas in the field are to protect the data and information of all the individuals and organizations of the country.

Many certifications help develop the skills and mindset of a hacker which can be used to counter the threats of a breach.

Some of the cybersecurity profiles in India are.

  1. Security Architect.
  2. Security Consultant.
  3. Ethical Hacker/ Penetration tester.
  4. Chief Information Security Officer.

Cybersecurity experts not only get work opportunities in their field, but also, with appropriate skills they can explore financial and security agencies such as banks, CBI, and similar.

4] Start your career in Cybersecurity

While some professionals take initial cybersecurity work profiles, many other transits from other Information Technology jobs to grow their career.

Essential skills for cybersecurity careers include.

  1. Computer networking skills.
  2. Programming and problem-solving skills.
  3. Integrity and discretion.
  4. Risk analysis.
  5. Network protocol.
  6. Malicious codes.
  7. Knowledge of intruder techniques.
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The best way to start your career is to gain an understanding of the industrial standards by pursuing a cybersecurity certification, which will help you develop specific skills of defending cyberattacks. The course will help you understand the framework which is used to protect data against the breach or unauthorized access.

Cybersecurity certification courses from reputable institutes such as Jigsaw Academy provide you a comprehensive, hands-on experience of latest trends and cyber-offensive technologies.

Thus, budding professionals can develop a hacker-like acumen and gain specific skills to counter threats of the data breach and other cyberattacks.

It is the only course in India, offering education on. Once you develop adequate skills, your chances of career growth would increase manifolds in the field of cybersecurity.

As Digital India rises, the career prospects of cybersecurity professionals will increase. Therefore, it is the right time to start your career and grow.

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