Digital Marketing Ideas to Consider During the Coronavirus

The outbreak of Coronavirus in USA has created a lot of challenges for business owners throughout the world. Most businesses are closed, business transactions and asset flow are in a standstill because of the deadly disease. Also, most businesses that remained open are struggling to survive this current economic surge that has ravaged the world. These companies are running at a loss because they failed to prepare for this strange time. However, the virtual world is progressing daily despite the current economic downtime. While some business owners have relaxed on their marketing strategies, others have remained insensitive to the needs of the customers. Digital marketers are better positioned to excel in this period if they can plan, prepare, and respond well to the harsh economic realities. Because they are trained to build an audience and deliver their message and products to the audience. This can be done conveniently through various marketing strategies. Most importantly, digital marketers must strategize on how they can maximize the traffic on the internet to promote and market their products and services.

Digital Marketing Ideas to Consider During the Coronavirus

Today, I will be discussing some ideas you can consider to grow your business as a digital marketer during and after the economic downtime.

1 Reach Out to Your Customers

Since most digital marketers have found themselves in economic downtime , there has been a communication gap between them and their customers. As a profit-minded digital marketer, you can make use of this lacuna by reaching out to your customers, as this will create a quantum leap in your business. You can reach out to them through different platforms. These platforms include webinars, HubSpot, and social media. As a purposeful digital marketer, you can use the webinar to introduce your new marketing teams and discuss the features of new and existing products in your marketing hub . You can also use the platform to respond to questions from your customers about your product and services . With the use of social media, you can also relate to your existing customers and also meet new customers. Through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can give the cogent information your new and existing customers need to know about your new product and services. For instance, you can display your products with their price tags on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that consumers can see them. Also, you can use relevant hashtags to promote and market your products and services. This extends the number of customers you reach and can also attract new customers. As a business-minded digital marketer, you must stay connected to the Internet to be able to relate and respond to your new and existing customer’s questions. There you can introduce your business teams to them. Also, you can introduce the features of your products to new customers.

2. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Marketing Idea Link

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While most digital marketers are yet to recover from the shock of the present economic challenges that caught them unaware, consumers are consistently searching the Internet for affordable products and services. Through this activity, search traffic on Google has increased exponentially. As a profit-minded digital marketer, you can use the opportunity to promote your product and services using the search engine optimization strategy. Also, with the use of search engine optimized keywords, your products and services will rank higher on Google search results pages . All you need to do is to enrich your product features with content that has high search rates. This will improve the patronage of your products by new and existing consumers.

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Visit the video below for more details

3. Update Your Google My Business Profile – Marketing Idea Link

Update Your Google MyBusiness Profile
Update Your Google My Business Profile

Most digital marketers and consumers are presently at home with no possibility of getting back to business as soon as possible. Google My profile page of most digital marketers are not updated. This has drastically reduced the customers’ patronage of their products and services. As a diligent digital marketer, your profile must be up to date so that you can remain active in business despite the Coronavirus break. To get this done, you should update the opening hours on your listings. Also, explain your price listing and any changes that may happen due to the Coronavirus break. If you are not available after the opening hours, make sure you mark your profile as temporarily unavailable and not permanently closed. Also, you must not change your product listing name to show that you have closed. Furthermore, you must not show your listing as permanently closed so that when customers are ready to access any of your services, you won’t be seen as “unavailable.”

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4. Create a Google Ads Campaign – Marketing Idea Link

Createa Google Ads Campaign
Create a Google Ads Campaign

When you aspire to improve your marketing strategies during the Coronavirus break, you must be able to get your messages across to customers faster. One way to do this is to create a Google AdWords campaign . Creating the Google AdWords campaign will help you set max cost per sales for your products and services. Also, it helps consumers identify and locate your products and services. With the Google Adwords campaign, you can identify your competitor’s weaknesses and work on them to make your products and services more accessible to consumers. Also, you can create compelling offers for customers and an engaging call to action . This will increase your prospect of marketing and make it rank on consumer search sources.

Check the video below for more information

5. Create Special Offers

It is a known fact that there is economic hardship as the Coronavirus spread persists. Many people are surfing through Google to search for products and services that are cheaper and affordable . For you to have more sales on your products and services, you must be sensitive to the plight of consumers in terms of their economic challenges. You can create special offers while your competitors are maintaining their usual prices for their products and services. This gesture will attract new customers through recommendations from your existing customers. Furthermore, you can offer your customers special discounts and promotions . Also, you can give some added values to your loyal customers based on the type of products and services they purchase.

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6. Update Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Google has welcomed more visitors than ever before due to the current stay at home order. Most people need honest answers to questions on their desired products and services. You can make your products and services appear above your competitors when you update your FAQ. Before doing the updates, you must relate to your customers consistently. Read their complaints, fears, and concerns. Pull their views together and come up with questions that will meet their immediate need. Enrich the questions with search engine optimized keywords to make your FAQ rank higher on the Google search engine results pages . You should also provide appealing answers to the questions as this will increase your traffic. Make the answers clearer and ensure they contain the correct information. Provide various links to reputable sources so that they can access trusted and accurate information. This will attract new customers to patronizing your products and services and increase your click-through-rate (CTR).

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7. Work on Your Digital-to-do Lists

Since you are currently spending your time at home just like other competitors in the business. You can do well to access your site. Come up with a list of things you need to do to make the site more appealing to customers when they visit it. You may have to redesign the site. Also, you can add an interface that you have always wanted to include on the site. Additionally, you can enrich your site with engaging content. This will increase the patronage of your products and services.

8. Prepare for Post Coronavirus Success.

All marketers and consumers are hoping that the spread of Coronavirus will be curbed. It is also believed that business activity will resume. Also, it is a known fact that most businesses will struggle to withstand the economic recession caused by the Coronavirus break. Some business owners will rely on government interventions. However, you have to prepare ahead of the upcoming competition. You must have a long-term plan ahead of the resumption of business activities. Build on the strategies you have implemented during the Coronavirus break. Work on the complaints of your clients in time past. Also, you can create special offers, promotions, and discounts for your customers as a way of appreciating them for their constant loyalty during the Coronavirus break. These strategies will attract more customers and make you come out stronger after the Coronavirus break.


The outbreak of Coronavirus has made a lot of marketers stay idle. Most businesses that are opened are not making profits while the majority of the workforce has lost their jobs. Digital marketers must harness the current economic downfall to promote their products and services. The digital marketing ideas discussed above will assist you to have a breakthrough in this Coronavirus break provided you follow them strictly.

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