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/ — With the launch of its services, DigitalBerge, The SEO Company in NCR, has created a buzz in the Indian market. On the 17th of January, its founding Mr. informed the media, at a press conference held in New Delhi, that in keeping with the previous track record of the company; would now be providing services to its esteemed clients. He said that as it is the election year in India, the company has been getting a number of inquiries from various sections including politicians, industrialists, and decided on launching services.

What is unique about the services provided by is both in its content and approach. The company is not only promoting brands on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. but also on conventional print and This sets them apart from the rest of personal branding companies which only focus on the new media. The company decided on the offline personal branding platforms since in the reach and authority of are phenomenal. “In personal branding, you just cannot ignore the might of traditional media,” adds Satyendra Mishra, the founder of

The company is giving customized services to its clients. The company understands the needs and requirements of individual client and comes up with a fitting package that is designed as per specific requirements of the client.

Since has emerged as a major platform for the political parties, the platform cannot be ignored. No one can do without a decent base. It not only shows a leader’s popularity but is also a very effective medium to communicate with its constituency. This is just the beginning of the role of social media in the Indian elections. In the time to come, more and more emphasis would be given to the as it is more targeted and hence, more effective. Moreover, the results achieved by the are tangible and track-able in real time. It is therefore a very effective tool of communication with the masses.

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To put things in perspective, DigitalBerge is a top-rated SEO company based in New Delhi, having a wide clientele spread across USA, UK, and the The company not only excels in SEO services but is also equally competent in

Digitalberge, The Top Rated SEO Company in India, had earlier launched for the promotion of talented people across the country. The company has been growing steadily with annual growth of 200% and is likely to add new clients with its personal branding service. “We hope to break the glass ceiling with our social media branding services as this is election year and we are welcoming all the clients from all the parties as we have no political affiliation, and work with utmost secrecy and commitment,” says

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