Dropbox is Now Offering 1TB of Free Cloud Storage for Some Accounts

It’s a good time to be a Dropbox user. The company recently revealed that it will be giving certain accounts an additional 1TB of storage for free. The move will bump up storage space for Professional account holders from 1TB to 2TB, while Business Standard clients will have 3TB up from 2TB.

Current Dropbox subscribers will receive the free extra storage in the upcoming weeks while new subscribers to Business Standard and Professional accounts will be able to enjoy the larger storage space immediately.

Dropbox explained that they put great stock in providing their customers with a seamless experience, therefore they have to be extra careful in migrating current accounts. This is to ensure that the transitions to the new 2TB and 3TB plans will go smoothly.

New Dropbox Professional subscribers will only need to pay $16.58 a month for 2TB of storage while Dropbox Plus will cost users $8.25 monthly. Meanwhile, company teams will have more room to maneuver with the Dropbox Business Standard. Even though storage space will jump from 2TB to 3TB, clients will still only pay $12.50 per user/month with a required minimum of three team members. Dropbox is also offering unlimited storage with its Business Advance plan for only $20 per user/month. 

With the extra storage, subscribers will have an easier time sharing CADs or huge video files with their customers. This will allow subscribers to mark previews using any browser without requiring users to download third-party software.

As it stands, Dropbox is offering the most free storage of and file-sharing service, but you only get to take advantage of it if you’re a paid subscriber. Customers who use the service for free will remain limited to the 2GB Basic plan. That allowance is a far cry from the 15GB offered on Google Drive and the 5GB that comes with Microsoft OneDrive accounts.

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