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Dropshipping is a good option to start an ecommerce business with minimum investment. Without the hassle of worrying about inventory or shipment, you can expand your business in several ways. Though, finding some genuine dropshipping tools is one of the major challenges that people face. Don’t worry – in this post, I will review DSers dropshipping in detail and let you know how to get it started with AliExpress dropshipping like a pro.

What is AliExpress Dropshipping?

AliExpress has to be one of the biggest marketplaces of all kinds of goods and products out there. From clothing to utility products and electronics to luxury items, you can find it all in AliExpress.

Apart from the extensive range of innovative and breakthrough products, AliExpress dropshipping is also a primary choice due to its competitive prices. Since most of the manufacturers and sellers there are based out of overseas markets, they provide all kinds of products at a reasonable range. 

What is DSers?

DSers is the official AliExpress dropshipping solution that helps you find the best product suppliers for your ecommerce stores on Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, place batch orders to AliExpress, manage multiple stores, and more. If you want to make your dropshipping experience easier and get effective results right from the start, then consider using a reliable tool like DSers.

AliExpress Dropshipping

DSers Features :

 After learning what DSers is, let’s check some useful features of this AliExpress dropshipping solution. To manage your AliExpress dropshipping business, DSers is one of the best dropshipping apps on Shopify. It gets a 5-star rating with more than 4800 positive user reviews on the Shopify app store. Let’s check what makes DSers stand out from other dropshipping tools.

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Supplier Optimizer

This is a feature that helps you find high-quality suppliers on AliExpress. With the help of Supplier Optimizer, you can copy and paste a product link in DSers and get dozens even hundreds of similar products provided by different suppliers then compare them by the price, rating, and sale volume in the list. This feature will save you time on finding better suppliers and importing them to stores with a few clicks. 

Supplier Optimizer

Unified Management

With the help of DSers dropshipping tools, you can manage your orders on Shopify in one place. From checking product stocks to checking delivery updates, DSers gives you a unified platform for information racking. Besides, you can manage multiple stores on different platforms altogether in one app.

Unified Management

One-Click Publishing

Not only can you import desired products from a CSV file or AliExpress store in a click, but also it allows publishing these products to your store. Depending on your marketing strategy, you can edit products, reduce pricing, apply offers, and customize your sales. It’s worth mentioning that the CSV feature allows selling offline or on different channels.

One-Click Publishing

Automated Order Placement

What’s better than a Shopify plugin that automatically integrates? DSers will automatically pick data of Shopify orders to prepare your dashboard and place orders on AliExpress. This automation improves delivery speed and ensures optimum user experience.

Automated Order Placement

Product Grouping and Pricing Models

DSers is a smart tool that helps you create cost or product groups, based on which you can assign different pricing rules. These rules can be directly applied to your product range on Shopify. You can even set up cent values, such as $9.99.

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Product Grouping and Pricing Models

Notifications Support

Improve user experience by delivering shipping notifications. You can also use DSers to deactivate or turn off notifications sent via Shopify.

Notifications Support

DSers have dozens of features that try to automate everything during dropshipping to save you time and energy. So here I don’t list all but you can check them here or visit its website.

Final Words

DSers is a complete management tool to place orders, manage inventory, and track orders. The automation makes DSers a go-to dropshipping tool for AliExpress. It offers smart features that would automatically sync tracking numbers and update the status orders, letting you focus on what’s important. DSers also offers an automatic pricing system that would let you pre-set the pricing rule for any product while publishing it.Now you have learned its key features and how it benefits dropshippers, you can just get it here and start your dropshipping journey now.

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