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It’s been a while since we last checked out anything from Edifier and unfortunately, the last pair of speakers I reviewed was the ridiculously awesome KEF LS50 Wireless. We’re talking different brands, different sizes and more importantly, different price brackets with the Edifier R1850DB’s. These are a pair of bookshelf speakers, traditional in design yet that offer modern connections.

Look & Feel

The R1850DB’s are bookshelf speakers, in every way possible. At 154x254x224mm(w x h x d) they are every bit the perfect size for your shelf and they have traditional design elements to them too. Constructed from wood and finished in a blend of matte, silk & gloss black. Each speaker has a 16mm dome, a 4″ woofer and a bass port, all of which can be on show or covered by a mesh grille. Each speaker sits on four small rubber feet, to keep them secure and help against vibration.


The right speaker is acts as the master, the left it’s slaved and is fed via the right. To the rear of the right speaker you will find a number of inputs and controls. These include optical in, co ax, 2x RCA, left out and sub out. Yes, these speakers can be paired with an active sub woofer if so desired. There is an on/off button, plus three rotary knobs, which can be used to adjust treble and bass, plus adjust volume and select inputs. There is also of course Bluetooth connectivity for a wireless experience.

Set up is very easy, simply plug the right speaker into your local socket and connect the right and left speakers together, with the provided cable. Once turned on, you can select which input you’d like with the bottom knob, pushing it in each time to select. There is also a small remote control provided, nothing special by any means but it does allow you to control your content and speakers easily.

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Each speaker has a total of 35w RMS, with a 60Hz-20KHz frequency response, offering a pretty decent result. Set up at ear level, speakers about 2 meters apart and me sitting about 2 meters away and the sound quality produced is very enjoyable. The ability of fine tuning the treble and bass helps you achieve the sound you’re looking for. Now the 4″ woofers do offer some bass but even though I turned the bass up as high as possible, it still lacked a little and was noticeable at higher volumes. That’s where the sub-out option comes to light.

The base of the speaker is actually angled up, so when I had these on my TV stand, it worked well as the unit was lower than my head but if you put these on a shelf up high, the audio will actually direct it to the ceiling instead of protecting out towards you. Something to bare in mind when positioning.

The inputs work well and the selection is good enough, thanks to Bluetooth and that optical port, allowing you to connect nearly any form of media device to these speakers.


The R1850DB’s are a decent pair of speakers, that offer a good quality sound at the low to mid levels. They will not blow your mind, but you wouldnt expect that with a retail price of just £150. There is ample connections to suit your set up and if you like the old school look, these may be exactly what you’re looking for.

For more information, head over to the Edifier website.

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