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In the digital era, marketing success demands that teams stay up to date on the latest technologies and tools and take the fullest advantage of them when planning and executing their campaigns. However, marketers need to understand the tools they use in order to unlock their greatest potential and achieve stronger results.

What is the best way to go about this?

Relationship One had BlackRock’s John Pavlick on the Inspired Marketing Podcast to ask him just that question. Pavlick is BlackRock’s VP Oracle Eloqua Platform Manager. He has over 10 years of experience implementing and optimizing global email marketing campaigns. As a certified Oracle Eloqua Luminary, he specializes in messaging and delivery for retail financial advisors, institutional investors, and personal investors. He has also gained a great deal of expertise and insight into marketing automation, demand generation, and lead scoring as a lead for Oracle Eloqua training sessions with hundreds of regional marketers.

As a part of his role at BlackRock, Pavlick ensures his team is aware of the marketing tools available to them and that they know how to properly use them. To aid in this, he streamlined the marketing ops team to better integrate them into the organization and build a strong foundation for marketing processes.

Facilitating Understanding

Pavlick views his main responsibility as managing Oracle Eloqua and ensuring the platform is set up for success across the organization. This means he has to help users understand the power of the platform and how it can help them optimize campaigns. He strives to help marketers gain an understanding of how to leverage all the tools Oracle Eloqua has to offer in a way that is simple and seamless to execute.

Essentially, he facilitates understanding of Oracle Eloqua and other martech tools for his organization. To help with this, he oversees:

  • New hires attending MarTech One-on-One Discussions, wherein all the platform owners at BlackRock walk everyone through what exactly is available on their platforms for them to use

  • Marketers who have been at the organization for a while staying up to date and understanding what is changing on the platforms they use, specifically which new features and capabilities have become available and when they can start using them

He emphasizes “Demos, Not Decks,” meaning that you shouldn’t just tell people what they can do on any platform. You have to go onto the platform yourself and demonstrate as simply as you can how they can use the platform.

For example, during the one-on-one discussions, he’ll sit down and explain the email component for Oracle Eloqua, so that new users understand that it’s more than just email. They can also make forms to help profile clients and use them to create landing pages and microsites that have more engaging experiences in line with client interests and preferences.

Getting Ahead of the Curve

Pavlick has developed a unique way for the marketing ops team to work with marketers at BlackRock. The primary responsibility for marketers is to quickly, easily, and efficiently build their emails inside Oracle Eloqua. The marketing ops team works alongside them on a day-to-day basis to bring everything else to life: campaign canvases, forms, landing pages, reporting, and more.

He currently has a marketing ops team of 20. The team is divided into three parts:

  • Orchestration

  • Segmentation and data

  • Development (which includes landing pages, forms, and templates)

Additionally, the team enforces governance across the Oracle Eloqua platform to ensure:

  • Guidelines are being followed

  • Templates are being properly used

  • Data is being stored in the right way

That way, when marketers need to execute, everything is ordered, organized, and in place for them. Marketing ops also help any marketers who want to become more involved at the operational level, so that there is a specialized team within the marketing team that can lend a hand in ops if needed. To that end, marketing ops can work with marketers in developing a combination of different skills through  one-on-one discussions and getting them the B2B Master certification through Oracle Education.  

The goal with this set-up is to be as nimble as possible and to:

  • Reduce back and forth and get communications out with more speed

  • Empower different groups in marketing to working together to be more compliant and optimized

  • Ensure everyone has the guidance needed to get ahead of the curve in understanding the platform and what new features will be coming out and how to utilize them

The Process Is the Hardest Part

Getting the process of how marketing and marketing ops can work together right is the hardest part, Pavlick believes. Once you have it down, it becomes easy to scale capabilities that maybe weren’t being utilized to their fullest extent before (such as dynamic content and personalization).  Also, you can better reap the benefits of your new set-up, such as:

  • More easily sharing projects, ideas, content, and recommendations across different marketing groups

  • Identifying themes and needs across the organization that need to be discussed and could be resolved using Oracle Eloqua

With a strong foundation now put into place for marketing processes across the organization, Pavlick is eying the future and looking at:

  • What other channels to engage audiences with beyond just email

  • Working with a customer data platform to improve segmentation and use better data sources with Oracle Eloqua

It all starts with everybody being on board with having a strong foundational knowledge of Oracle Eloqua to better aid them in their day-to-day marketing abilities.


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