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Wisconsin Innovative Business Awards committee selected Egochi as the number one internet marketing agency in Wisconsin. There were 28 companies competing for this award, however, Egochi managed to stand out of the competition due to its successful track record in the local and mid-sized business segment.

The company was founded in 2009 by Jobin John and ever since has helped multiple businesses grow their online presence. The company currently has 4 centers in Wisconsin and plans to build more centers and make it easy for potential customers to reach them. As per the company records, their Milwaukee SEO center is the highest revenue generator for the company.

Internet marketing services like SEO, PPC, social media marketing is important for every business in this era and Egochi has mastered this art by understanding user intent and creating an amazing user experience for the potential target audience.

Egochi offers services like website design, SEO & social media marketing all under one roof making it easier for clients to get their work done easily and on time by professionals.

In the words of Jobin John, the owner of Egochi Inc. “The biggest strength of our agency is our ability to communicate with customers effectively and understand their business model based on which a roadmap is created to achieve their target.

Our ultimate aim is to make money for our clients as only then can we make money and at the same time ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

The company threw a success party after winning the award where all customers and employees were invited to have fun, engage and plan for the future. This is truly an amazing day for the company and was well deserved as stated by local business owners working with the company.

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The company managed to achieve better search engine rankings for its clients and use branding elements to build a successful business for them. A few clients have seen a growth of 60% in their conversion rates within 4 months after signing up with Egochi.

All in all, this is a new beginning for businesses in Wisconsin and Egochi seems to be doing a marvelous job in leading the way. We wish them all the best for the future and hope they keep making history.

About Egochi

A professional internet marketing agency helping businesses grow their search rankings, user engagement, and website traffic. The services offered include web design, SEO & social media marketing.

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