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If you’re starting a business, you have many tasks on your plate. From forming your business entity to taking care of ongoing business requirements, being an entrepreneur is more than a full-time job. But resources are out there that can make your life as a business owner easier, and ZenBusiness is one of the best. They offer a host of services that can save you time and even money.

In this article, we’ll discuss all that ZenBusiness can do for you. You can also read this in-depth review of ZenBusiness

Business Formation Services

One of the first and most important steps in getting your business up and running is forming your business entity. Most entrepreneurs choose to form a limited liability company (LLC) because of the many benefits it offers.

Forming an LLC involves filing a document with the state, usually called the articles of organization. It’s critical that it’s done correctly, or it could delay the opening of your business. 

ZenBusiness can handle this step for you, ensuring that no mistakes are made and saving you the time and hassle of handling it yourself. You can have this done for a one-time fee of $49, or you can buy one of their packages of services that include the business formation. We’ll discuss those packages in a later section. 

The ZenBusiness fee for the business formation service is a great value compared to competitors that offer similar services.

If you’re forming a corporation instead of an LLC, ZenBusiness can handle that for you as well.

Registered Agent Services

A registered agent is required for LLCs in all states and is a person or entity authorized to accept official documents and correspondence on behalf of your business.

You can be your own registered agent, but if you are, you’re required to be at your registered address during normal business hours. Such a restriction can keep you from doing things that you need to do to grow your business, such as going to sales calls or other appointments.

ZenBusiness can act as your registered agent, accepting all correspondence and documents, notifying you of their receipt, and making them digitally available to you.

The service costs $99 per year but will ensure that no important documents are missed and let you have the freedom to be wherever you need to be to handle business matters.

Operating Agreement

An operating agreement is not required in most states, but it’s a critical document that defines ownership percentages in your LLC as well as how profits are distributed. It contains other important provisions as well. 

You can have an attorney draw up an operating agreement for you, but you’ll probably pay between $500 and $2,500. 

ZenBusiness offers an operating agreement template on which you can just fill in the blanks online, and you’ll have a complete document with all the necessary legal lingo. 

The cost is only $125, which is a great value compared to the price you would pay to an attorney.

Business Document Templates

ZenBusiness also has an entire library of business document templates that you may need in the course of your business. From employment agreements to loan agreements, ZenBusiness has you covered.

At a one-time fee of $99, this service can, again, save you thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees over time.

Other Services

ZenBusiness offers a host of other services that can save you time and keep you in compliance with state laws.

Worry-Free Compliance

ZenBusiness can take care of all annual filings required for your business for a fee of $199 per year.

Employer Identification Number

ZenBusiness can obtain your EIN for you from the IRS, saving you the hassle. The cost is $99.

Expedited and Rush Filing

You can have your LLC formed faster by paying extra fees that range from $49 to $99.

Certificate of Good Standing

If a lender or vendor ever requests a Certificate of Good Standing for your LLC, ZenBusiness can obtain one for you from your state for $100.

ZenBusiness Service Plans

ZenBusiness also offers three service plan levels so that you can purchase several services for one price.

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan, at $49, offers a business name availability search through your state and your LLC formation, with full customer support. It also includes an accounting consultation and online access to your formation documents. 

The fee is less than the cost of similar services offered by some competitors; however, the renewal fee for the second-year renewal of the plan costs $119, so it’s best to cancel after you’ve received the services that the plan offers.

Pro Plan

The $199 annual fee pro plan offers everything in the starter plan plus the operating agreement and worry-free compliance services. By purchasing this plan, you’re saving a lot of money compared to purchasing those services a la carte or paying an attorney to draft your operating agreement.

Premium Plan

The $299 annual fee premium plan offers everything in the Starter and Pro Plans with the addition of:

  • A business website
  • A domain name
  • A business email address
  • Business domain name privacy

This plan is great if you want a one-stop shop for many of your business needs.

In Closing

Overall, ZenBusiness offers a host of services at a great value that can make your life as an entrepreneur easier. You’ll be free to focus on running and growing your business instead of worrying about administrative matters. ZenBusiness can also save you attorney fees that you would otherwise pay. It’s worth taking a look at ZenBusiness to handle your business needs.

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