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There are a variety of on-campus employment opportunities for RIT students. The hourly rate of pay begins at minimum wage and is dependent upon the skill or experience required for the job. Student employees are paid bi-weekly and these earnings are taxable. Most students use their earnings to pay for books, travel, and personal expenses rather than for tuition and fees. On-campus student employment is limited to full-time matriculated students. There are two types of on-campus jobs:

Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study is a government-subsidized financial aid program which provides part-time jobs to assist students in paying for their education. Federal Work Study is offered by RIT to students who meet the eligibility requirements as determined by information reported on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

RIT Campus Employment

RIT Campus Employment offers on-campus job opportunities to all work eligible students. These jobs are offered regardless of a student’s financial need (therefore filing a FAFSA is not required) and are similar to Federal Work Study jobs.

Student Employment Office (SEO)

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