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Under regular circumstances, lead generation can sometimes feel like a very tedious task. You go through all this work to find the contact information for the specific target market or demographic you’re trying to reach, only to find that a sizable portion of your emails are bouncing back at you due to outdated or information. And you’ve already spend a fair bit of change to get this incorrect information. It can be so frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be.

Making Lead Generation Easier

The tool that we will be talking about today is called Snovio and its objective is to help you “find the right people faster.” It’s being targeted at everyone from recruiters to sales managers, and it can be just as applicable to paradigms like influencer marketing in particular and Internet marketing in general. It’s just about getting the right contact information for the right people to meet your particular needs.

In essence, Snovio works as a lead generation tool that is designed to integrate into your existing workflow. In addition to the main web-based interface, for instance, there is a free Google Chrome extension. With the extension active, you can pull in the email addresses of almost anyone you find on LinkedIn, the leading professional social network.

You can see how incredibly valuable such functionality can be for many types of professionals. While LinkedIn has its internal messaging system, those messages are easily lost or ignored, and you have to deal with the process of “connecting” with prospects. By retrieving their email address, you have a much more direct means of contact that simpler, faster, and ultimately more useful.

And that’s only the beginning.

More Features, Functions and Tools

With Snovio, you can easily approach a number of different lead generation scenarios. For example, by simply entering the domain of a website, you can perform what is suitably called a domain search. Snovio will then sniff out email addresses associated with that domain. You don’t even need to enter the domain name. Just visit the website and use the plugin to see the email addresses with that domain name, plus additional information like the full names and job positions of these people if that data is available.

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That’s on an individual basis, but you can also perform a bulk domain search wherein you upload a file with a list of domains and Snovio will find emails or prospects for you from that domain. Want to be a little more specific? Upload a file with a list of first names, last names, and domain names, and Snovio will find the associated emails wherever possible. Conversion is not guaranteed, of course, but you start with having a verified email address to initiate the conversation.

And indeed, as mentioned at the top, one of the biggest challenges that you will face with lead generation is dealing with outdated or incorrect contact information. With the poor quality of leads that you may be able to retrieve elsewhere, you could end up getting as high as a 40% bounce rate on your email campaign, as well as a long list of phone numbers that are either inactive, expired or even nonexistent.

To this end, Snovio offers a verifier wherein you can upload your mailing list and it will go through to validate all the email addresses. This cleans out your list, removing invalid or abandoned emails that would otherwise bounce. Stop wasting your time (and money) on worthless leads!

Similarly, by accessing Snovio’s database of company profiles, you can zero in on just the right contact in just the right department at just the right organization. This way, you don’t end up getting forwarding along a dead string or, worse yet, having your email ignored altogether because you emailed the wrong person!

Maintaining Transparency and Accuracy

The most unique feature of Snovio is the fact that it is the world’s first decentralized lead generation platform. By now, you’ve surely heard about all the buzz surrounding cryptocurrency in general and Bitcoin in particular. What’s more important in the discussion moving forward, though, is how the underlying blockchain technology is going to radically change the face of business in the future. And in the present.

Snovio has an extensive page on its website outlining how its initial coin offering (ICO) ties into the platform and ultimately benefits everyone who is involved in every step of the process. For example, while you can pay for the service using traditional dollars and cents, you can also pay using SNOV tokens. When you do, get an automatic 15% off. Perhaps the more important benefit is that every transaction utilizes a smart contract, which is then stored on the blockchain ledger.

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This ensures not only an unsurpassed level of transparency and security, but it also lends itself to “equitable reward distribution and execution of a transaction.” You see, in addition to people who are shopping for leads, a number of people are also adding to and updating the lead/contact database. For this contribution, they earn payment in SNOV tokens. By utilizing blockchain, the price for a lead is regulated in a decentralized manner. This makes the whole process fairer for everyone.

The database is updated continuously, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date information available. I encourage you to read through Snovio’s token sale page for a more in-depth discussion.

How Much Does It Cost?

Snovio boasts that it is adding over 200 new users every day. To date, nearly 20,000 users have installed the Chrome extension and over 2.5 million quality leads have been generated to date. By leveraging the power of crowdcollecting and the blockchain, the database will continue to grow at an exponential rate.

The plan pricing is remarkably affordable as well.

You can start on the XS Forever Free monthly plan to take Snovio out for a test drive. That gives you 100 credits a month. It costs one credit to search emails on a domain; that’s the price for the whole domain and not for individual email addresses. It also costs one credit to get an email from a LinkedIn profile, while it costs half a credit to verify an email address. Sending emails through the platform is free.

Once you see just how much you can accomplish with Snovio, you may opt to move up to the paid plans, starting with the $19 S plan for 1,000 monthly credits and going up to the $139 XL plan for 50,000 monthly credits. This results in a net per-credit price of as low as 0.278 cents. There’s an additional discount of about 10% when you pay annually, as well as the 15% discount when you pay with SNOV tokens.


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